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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. Murasaki wrote: ». Well sorry for not being up to date on my fetishes! Each to there own, I just wondered if it was about just 'enjoying' the smell of dirty underwear. A laundromat would be a good place to work if you had this fetish! No I dont have a used underwear but I have used underwear if you are looking for them. MarkBeales Posts: 3, Forum Member. Frockstar wrote: ». MarkBeales wrote: ». Wouldn't fit me!

A girl I was at uni with had a little Ebay business. She sometimes got requests for certain types of under with certain She made a pretty good living. I bet that job drained her. Are you sure about that? Is it wrong that posts like this generally tend to turn me on? BirthdayGirl Posts: 60, Forum Member. Was she just randomly selling a load of used knickers? Why would you do that? Just bin them. Saw a programme once and it had this porn star on who used to sell used panties. She said she used to rub the gusset on her dog's nose to give at an 'aroma'.

I d definitely make a bid! BirthdayGirl wrote: ». According to Phoebe off Friends, men's pants are good for holding their lipsticks. Bretix Posts: 10, Forum Member. I'm surprised DS's resident dirty underwear fetishist hasn't been yet. He's been about again lately. The only other comment I have is that I wish people wouldn't use the word "panties". It's a vile word used mainly by perverts, and is only acceptable if you are a lady of 90 plus. Mallaha wrote: ». Knickers or pants please.

The others make me feel ill and I don't want to be cleaning my keyboard again. She sounds like a nice girl. Sounds like a nice girl? The only thing you know about 'her' is that she is willing to sell total strangers her dirty underwear. I'd counter that on the evidence available, she sounds like a fooking skank Do yourself a favour and get an actual girlfriend, then you can do perverse stuff like that whenever you want. I remember having a convo with my girlfriend about people who sell underwear on eBay. We had a look and there was a load of girls posing in them, but they say the items are being worn for show and the ones you receive are new etc.

They also advertise an address on the listing so you can get other stuff outside of eBay. Crazy stuff. In or Register to comment.

Used panty forum

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Does anyone have a used underwear fetish?