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Johann Marx Photography. Ladies, throw on your high heels or bitch boots. Gents, take off your clothes and get into position. In the simplest terms — one person walks all over another. More often than not, the subs are men and the Doms are women. It can involve bare feet usually because of a foot fetish , stocking, or footwear. Read this article first…. What is BDSM? There are two other fetishes that are often and mistakenly lumped into the mix However, enthusiasts from each group are adamant that one is not a sub-genre of another.

Trampling - Crushing Fetish - Macrophilia. Can someone use trampling to satisfy their macrophilia fantasies? Like I said, there can be overlap. There can be people who fuse them into one sexual fantasy. But the bare-bones concepts are different. There are some specific health concerns that come with this kink…. Charts like this are more for flogging, spanking etc. Pretty standard fare. Learn more about Safe Words here…. What is a Safe Word? Learn the Basics of Kink Communication. You should never step on: the stomach, hips, kidneys, spine, tailbone, kneecaps, or ankles.

Image by Lieve Dreeson. Flickr Creative Commons. She's stepping on this throat, but she's sitting down to have more control. High heels or stilettos are sometimes part of the fetish. Some enjoy being walked on by multiple people. I know some subs will disagree and say they want to be stomped on hard right off the bat.

To have someone that errs on the side of caution with a new partner is something to be grateful for, not bitch about. The same thing goes for a Dom who wants to start of hard. These are s to walk away. If nothing else, it betrays a certain ignorance or lax attitude towards the seriousness of the SSSC rules. Unless they have played before and know each other very well , the sub needs to shut up and stop topping from the bottom. I was lucky enough to find out that one of my friends kink name Malfetish has this fetish — and he was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Have you ever had any injuries from it? During my first time. It's a dangerous practice if you are not careful with it. I recommend always using a point of balance. Because, during my first time, I didn't use one and we both ended up injured. My poor balls What are your thoughts on trampling, crushing, and macrophilia?

Trampling can help so much if you got a Macrophilia fetish. What are some misconceptions people have about this kink? Some months ago, I went to a party and some girls were trampling some guys with no kind of control. One of the girls stomped into a guy's floating ribs and cracked one — ending up some days after in the hospital.

Is there anything else you would like to add about trampling? Taste it!! But like many others dangerous fetish practices, use you brain not your crotch. If you could get a Thai massage from any celebrity crush, who would it be? Be daring and share in the comments! Also, if you liked this article and want more kink, check out these…. Good advice. Some other info that might help for a new domme is managing your subs Frenzy state. It gets strong fast so be aware of that.

Im a carpet myself and just love womens feet and weight dancing on me in time to music. My face, chest and stomach are the target for womens trampling feet. Legs and arms are more sensitive for pain. I dont like that much. But if I get high after some hours of trampling I can take more pain. I think the better question is, how to ask a girl to trample you. You should find a girl that knows her legs and feet are sexy.

Start by asking if she enjoys a leg and foot massage. Then you kids her toes and feet - gently - lightly - you dont want to freak her out. After same time, move to floor while she sits in a chair, etc, and massage her legs and feet. If she puts her foot up on you, your almost there.

If not pick it up and put it on you. Eventually, share your fantasy of her stepping on you. My wife tramples me 3x a week; I just asked. I think lbs is a bit much - at least for me. My wife is lbs and when she tramples me without taking any weight off by holding onto the dresser, it gets hard to breath after 10 minutes. Another thing that is fun is when she steps up on me, stands for a second or two, then steps down. Im lbs and when I trample my sub he tells me I feel like a flower if I take any weight off.

So it really depends on the sub about weight preference I think. Depends on the sub. My sub loves my, but he is a big guy, muscular build. But we know each other well. Love to be trampled by bodybuilders and powerlifters etc. Im 70kg and biggest guy full weight on me was just over kg. I weigh 70 kg and my husband 95 kg. He also loves stepping after him, barefoot. He likes it on his chest and back. Although Im lighter enough than him, Im very careful. Time ago when I was in a Physical Education Class in school, I was on the floor in supine position, and a girl came and jumped on my stomach.

It hurts. All other students thought it was fun, especially her friends. Im a female bodybuilder and hence I weigh quite a lot. I find that most guys that ask me to stand on them do so in order to feel the weight of the muscle crushing them, they like to feel how dense my calves are as I stand there too. Thank you for your comment, we will review it as soon as possible. Then it will show here. Trampling - Crushing Fetish - Macrophilia People who like trampling are more into foot fetishes and humiliation from a dominant partner. People who like crushing , actually want to see things crushed like fruit, toys, cigarettes etc.

There can also be some love of insects for some people — like squashing of flies or ants — sorry PETA. They might imagine themselves shrinking or their partner growing. They might like partners who are taller than them, and so on. Ancient Punishment vs Modern Kink Have a kinky day! Robyn TagsTrampling. Comments 13 Sirdoormat says:. I luv trampling her in heels on the face i even done driving car on me.

Realmlord says:. Footmat2 says:. Knight to Footmat2 says:. Can you really take trampling for hours.. Olti Hoda says:. How to make a girl trample me? Shestepsonme to Olti Hoda says:. Shestepsonme to ali says:. Dawn to ali says:. Tippa to ali says:. Mikey says:. Mary says:. Bravo says:. I love having my stomach trampled on in stocking feet full weight never had any problems. Star Lord says:. William Witt says:. Did her friends trample you? Nataliya Kuznetsova says:. Knight to Nataliya Kuznetsova says:.

Have you ever had someone step on you. Rob says:. How do u find women that like to trample men.

Trampling kink

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Trample Fetish: The Kink of Stepping & Stomping