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To claim even the th spot in this ranking, your website would need around million visits in a single month. Examining the ranking reveals a lot about how people around the world search for information, which services they use, and how they spend time online. Note: This is a ranking of biggest websites, specifically. Brands that extend across platforms or serve the majority of their users through an app will not necessarily rank well on this list. The biggest websites generated a staggering billion visits in June Below is the full ranking:. Search engines provide the connective tissue that binds the internet together, and they ed for the majority of website traffic in the top ranking.

Google is the undisputed top website in nearly every country in the world. One scrappy competitor, DuckDuckGo , is slowly gaining prominence as an alternative to Google. Thanks to high-powered phones and bigger data plans, video is now a prominent portion of internet content consumption. This can take a few forms, from binge watching TV shows on Netflix to short-form video uplo on platforms like Douyin and Instagram. Live streaming is increasingly a bigger part of the mix. Twitch, which is focused on gaming, is now ranked 30th in the world in web traffic.

The Amazon-owned platform is now so popular that on any given night, its viewership surpasses many of the major U. Of course, this category also includes adult content, which is well represented in this ranking. XNXX, XVideos, and PornHub all made the top 20, and the three websites combined for over nine billion visits in the most recent month of data available.

Classic web portals such as MSN and Yahoo are still putting up impressive traffic s, but major players are increasingly staying relevant by acquiring rising internet stars. In the case of Microsoft, acquiring Github and Linkedin helped the company target new markets and grow their overall presence online. In a short amount of time, the AMP Project has taken off to become one of the biggest websites in the world. Critics point out that cached AMP s — which are hosted by Google — essentially cut out content creators, and that non-compliant s may lose their ranking on mobile search .

As the project moves towards becoming a foundation, it remains to be seen how AMP will evolve and how much involvement Google will have in the future. The internet may be a global network, but many of the gatekeepers are still located in the United States. If international domain suffixes of companies like Amazon and Google are counted, 60 of the websites in the ranking are American. China is a strong runner-up, with 15 websites in the Top While most of these Chinese companies are focused on the sizable domestic market, some are also making global inro through investment.

Tencent has partially backed the fast-growing chat platform, Discord, and it also has double-digit stakes in Snapchat and Spotify. With the exception of Baidu, all of the biggest websites in the world have swelled in size by serving a global audience. As the tech market continues to mature in China, it remains to be seen whether Chinese companies can successfully move beyond the firewall to become the next Facebook or Google.

Correction: Bilibili, a website run by a Chinese company, was incorrectly identified as a Japanese company. Get your mind blown on a daily basis:. How do the big tech giants compare to entire countries? To help us better understand these staggering s, a recent study at Mackeeper took the market capitalization of multiple tech giants and compared them with the annual Gross Domestic Product GDP of countries.

Market cap is the total value of shares outstanding in a publicly-traded company and gives an indication of total valuation, and GDP measures the value of all goods and services produced by a country in an entire year. Further back is Microsoft, which would be the 10th richest country in the world if market cap was equivalent to GDP.

Though all of the tech giants fared well during the COVID pandemic, perhaps none have stood to benefit as much as Amazon. Of course, the biggest caveat to consider with these comparisons is the difference between market cap and GDP s. But companies directly and indirectly affect the economies of countries around the world. Why are innovation cycles and business growth linked so closely? We explore waves of creative destruction across history.

Specifically, as markets are disrupted, key clusters of industries have outsized effects on the economy. Take the railway industry, for example. At the turn of the 19th century, railways completely reshaped urban demographics and trade. Similarly, the internet disrupted entire industries—from media to retail. From the first wave of textiles and water power in the industrial revolution, to the internet in the s, here are the six waves of innovation and their key breakthroughs. During the first wave of the Industrial Revolution, water power was instrumental in manufacturing paper, textiles, and iron goods.

Unlike the mills of the past, full-sized dams fed turbines through complex belt systems. Advances in textiles brought the first factory, and cities expanded around them. With the second wave , between about and , came ificant rail, steam, and steel advancements. The rail industry alone affected countless industries, from iron and oil to steel and copper. In turn, great railway monopolies were formed. The emergence of electricity powering light and telephone communication through the third wave dominated the first half of the s.

Henry Ford introduced the Model T, and the assembly line transformed the auto industry. Automobiles became closely linked with the expansion of the American metropolis. Later, in the fourth wave , aviation revolutionized travel. After the internet emerged by the early s, barriers to information were upended. New media changed political discourse, news cycles, and communication in the fifth wave. The internet ushered in a new frontier of globalization, a borderless landscape of digital information flows.

To the economist Schumpeter, technological innovations boosted economic growth and improved living standards. However, these disruptors can also have a tendency to lead to monopolies. Typically, these cycles begin when the innovations become of general use. Of course, this can be seen today—never has the world been so closely connected. Information is more centralized than it has ever been, with Big Tech dominating global search traffic, social networks, and advertising. Like the Big Tech behemoths of today, the rail industry had the power to control prices and push out competitors during the 19th century.

As cycle longevity continues to shorten, the fifth wave may have a few years left under its belt. The sixth wave , marked by artificial intelligence and digitization across information of things IoT , robotics, and drones, will likely paint an entirely new picture. Namely, the automation of systems, predictive analytics , and data processing could make an impact. In turn, physical goods and services will likely be digitized.

The time to complete tasks could shift from hours to even seconds. At the same time, clean tech could come to the forefront. At the heart of each technological innovation is solving complex problems, and climate concerns are becoming increasingly pressing. Lower costs in solar PV and wind are also predicating efficiency advantages. Connect with us. The Top Websites The biggest websites generated a staggering billion visits in June Full Stream Ahead Video streaming and sharing is another major driver of global internet traffic. Old Dogs, New Tricks Classic web portals such as MSN and Yahoo are still putting up impressive traffic s, but major players are increasingly staying relevant by acquiring rising internet stars.

The project is not without controversy though. The Geography of the Top Websites The internet may be a global network, but many of the gatekeepers are still located in the United States. Below is a breakdown of the Top by country. Get your mind blown on a daily basis: Thank you!

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Top 100 adult sites

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