Talon nipple clamps

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Vendor: Mr S Leather. A thoughtful friend from Indy got me this clamps as a little gift at a dinner party I hosted during his trip throughout Europe this summer. At first I was a little bit puzzled: Two cylinders with a gripping surface, a stick coming out of them and a bit fragile looking chain connecting them but nothing to put tissue between. After the party I spend some time with this enigma and boy, did I discover some twisted but horny kink. To solve the enigma: How does this clamp work?

You grab the barrel and push the stick coming out of them. Than at the top of the barrel a claw-like array of five metal conductors which are a bit flexible comes out. The array opens up about 1cm in diameter so most nipple should fit perfectly. The metal conductor array slowing coming out of the barrel. The pain they inflict is unique!

They are the most painful clamps I own, even more painful than the hard crocodile clamps. Since the conductors are circling the nipple and stay a bit apart depending on how much tissue is enclosed in the clamp you can feel every single conductor. Another major and important difference is the reaction to hard pulling on the chain. When you pull the chain at most clamp they tend to slip away and increase the pain because the area the pressure is applied to gets smaller. With the Eagle Talon things are differently. They usually stay in place only driving their conductor he deeper into the flesh.

There are two possibilities: Deep, even bleeding scratches or ruining the clamps because the conductors get deformed. If you have firsthand experience with pulling off this clamps, just let me know. If you can pull out a bit of tissue with your finger you can put the clamp on it. Even when the skin is slippery from lube, sweat, piss or anything else not forming a too thick coating, this clamp will stay in place.

Pressing together the array is not possible but the strength of the spring should be enough to make even an experienced pain pig whimper after some time. Handling these little devils is a bit tricky. You need two hands to operate them: One holding the barrel another pushing the stick. Holding the barrel a bit of a challenge especially when you are wearing gloves since the pattern of the gripping section is not very deep. Even more challenging is operating the stick because on its end is a small sphere where also the chain is mounted on; there is little room for the finger which also slips away easily due to the form.

With a bit of practice you get a good feeling for the handling of these clamps but you must always stay concentrated when putting them on otherwise you might provide your sub with a cruel but unintended sensation. Another thing to consider when using them is the material which might cover the area you want to attach the clamp to.

If have testes these clamps with 0,6mm rubber and nappa leather. Both surfaces stayed mostly unharmed with only a little star like scratch pattern left behind. But especially when it comes to rubber I would be very cautious since the spiky conductor tips might penetrate the material. Also because the pain feeling comes from the tips digging into the flesh instead of the pressure the pain is reduced very much when applied on fetish gear. When handled rightly they leave an interesting pattern on the skin with each conductor leaving a pressure mark which stays about 5 min.

They can stay longer depending on how long you dared to let the clamp stay in place. Du musst angemeldet sein, um einen Kommentar abzugeben. Best fo Self Play — Bondage. What could possibly go wrong? Every morning when I pull down the shades in the playroom to keep the heat out, it amazes me how bright and long they shine!

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Weitere Informationen Akzeptieren. Getting Post ». Von Frederik 2. November - 5. Januar Clamps , Home , Reviews. Vendor: Mr S Leather First Impression and construction A thoughtful friend from Indy got me this clamps as a little gift at a dinner party I hosted during his trip throughout Europe this summer.

Detail of the gripping surface. The conductors digging into the skin. This clamps should not be used with rubber. Speichere in deinen Favoriten diesen permalink. Schreibe einen Kommentar Antworten abbrechen Du musst angemeldet sein, um einen Kommentar abzugeben. Conslusion: A unique sensation for the true masochist and a sinful pleasure for real sadists. Mr S Manufacturer.

Talon nipple clamps

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