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For more forced sex, raped and strangled porn check out the snuff category. When they came back, it was bottle time. The wine bottle fit nicely in her pussy, though she screamed and cried over the process. When it was over they forced her to suck them off again until they both came all over her face and tits. She thought for a moment they might let her go.

She was wrong. The rope was around her neck and she fought for her life. They let her get some air, she gasp in relief and begged for her life. They were just playing with her. More catch and release, then they got her onto the bed for the final push. The rope went around her neck again, and this time did not loosen until she was still. After a long while of molestation with another chloroform session, they took her to the X-Frame and worked her over. First they licked had kissed her taking turns. She was disgusted and crying for her freedom.

It did not matter, she would never be free again. They forced their fingers down her throat, then into her pussy back and forth taking turns. Later they did the same with a dildo. Finally, the used a vibrator on her, forcing her to cum over and over until she was unconscious again. She was ready to do what he wanted and she did.

First, sucking his cock, then he was fucking her. She was tight—not much experience and he tore into her with his engorged cock. She was in pain, as he rammed his cock in and out of her teenage pussy and toward the end, choked her as well. After filling her full of cum, she was back on the winch, suspended. He took some photos for the clients. Then it was time to wrap it up.

He had another interview soon. She begged for her life and he promised to give it to her if she would suck him off. So he let her down and she did. She learned well and gave him a great blow job. He let his cum shoot all over her and as she sat in fear and sweat,. A young woman is talking to her new boyfriend about a case she is working on as an investigative reporter. When he finds out they are canvasing the area for a car that was associated with the last murder, he quickly finds an excuse to leave the room. She snoops around the room innocently until she finds something of concern in a drawer.

But before she could leave, he chloroforms her. Soon, he progressing to fucking her. She manages to hit him hard in the face and make her escape, only to be quickly captured. Not fucking around anymore, he wraps a white rope around her neck and slowly, strangles her to death. It was the spring of and Charley had a new boyfriend. After getting home from her restaurant job, she told her girlfriend about Vinny.

Soon after she finished the call, a man burst into her apartment with questions. He was concerned about her relationship with his bossman and wanted to make sure she was no snitch. She pleaded for her life and offered to give him head. He was not one to turn down a pretty girls offer and let her service him. Afterward, he called his bosses to let them know that she was a sweet girl and no trouble.

She screeches pathetically and Aaron gags her with his meat. Harmony can only squirm and mewl as her holes get used and abused. Once they had their fun, they hogtie her and let her stew for a while. Eventually, Harmony gets strangled to death with a belt. They leave her body to cool for a bit. They have Harmony bind her wrists in a hanging apparatus and pretend to be terrified for her life. They move her to the bench and force her pussy to get wet with a vibrator.

They double team Harmony, taking turns switching their hard dicks between her mouth and pussy. Tears stream down her face and ruin her makeup. The fun has just begun. She was alone in the creepy place when a stranger enter. Some homeless guy. She tried to get him to leave, but he was slithering up to her, wanting to mess with her. She was not having this shit and pushed him away. He went from creepy and gropey to angry, pulled out a gun, and shot her several times in the chest.

She fell to the floor dead. Amazed at how his luck changed, he drags her off and lays her on a table to start unwrapping his present. She was cute, and hot—especially now that she did not have her mouth running. Dead was better for this bitch. He started pulling up the bloody shirt, and checkout out her cute little body. Soon, he was fucking her, fucking her feet and fucking her throat until finally shooting his load inter her mouth. Knowing that the other guy would be back soon, he took off. Relaxing in a warm bath, Jade closes her eyes and tries to forget her troubles.

He shoves her head beneath the warm bathwater and holds it there. Jade flails and kicks her legs trying to slither free. Eventually the bubbles rising from the water slow down and then cease entirely. Satisfied that she drowned, her murderous lover lets Jade lie in the water for a bit. He dries Jade off and carries her to the bed where they were just lovers. He watches her jugs bounce as he rails her. He leans in so he can shove his cock in deeper to her slit.

The man put her in a choke hold, and she was out. He planned to enter the room, but first, he had to take out the guard—permanently. He had time, though, since she just checked in moments before. He propped her against the couch and let his cock explore her warm mouth. He could have finished her then, but instead, took her to the couch, spread her out and tasted her pussy.

This soldier was sexy and he was not going to let her go to waste. He had time and he was going to use it. When she woke again, he stabbed her in the belly. She spit up some blood, slid to the floor and it was there he went for the main course and fucked the petite soldier girl as she lay bleeding.

After some changes in positions, he had her on her side, squeezing her neck, then repeatedly stabbing her in the breasts. He kept holding her neck and fucking her as she oozed blood, weakening further. Starring Kate Kennedy. Starring Alina West. Starring Ashley Lane. Starring Charley. Starring Harmony Wonder. Starring Katie Kush.

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