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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. ProvenceJane Posts: Forum Member. I'm female and I like my men to be bossy and dominant. I can't think of any women I know who like submissive men although sometimes in practise a bossy male can be a teeny bit tiresome. But here's my question to men - do you like to be in charge? Do you prefer women to have their own say but ultimately you be in charge? What do you think of bossy women what do you really think?

I'm not looking to condemn anyone - I know the vast majority of men believe in gender equality in law but in relationships, what do you deep down prefer? Liloleme Posts: 5, Forum Member. Maxatoria Posts: 17, Forum Member. Azagoth Posts: 10, Forum Member. Liloleme wrote: ». Some people may choose to see the thread in a kind of BDSM way I'm very submissive which i've had a good response from. HarryValley Posts: 16, Forum Member.

ProvenceJane wrote: ». Tenpe Posts: 1, Forum Member. I like to tie my partners up and use them as sex slaves. I like submissive men in the Garden occasionally in the Kitchen but I like Dominant men in the Bedroom. LittleMinx25 Posts: 3, Forum Member.

Some men like a good whippin' and tellin' off - there are women who specialise in being dominant to cater for these men's needs. Hobbes Posts: 5, Forum Member. Lastlaugh Posts: 3, Forum Member. Cstar wrote: ». I'd love to be a dominatrix Lastlaugh wrote: ». Johnny Cash Posts: 1, Forum Member. My wife said I could tie her up and do what I want. So I tied her up and went down the pub. Hobbes wrote: ». I am quite a controlling woman, but I'd love to meet a strong man I like to take off and nuke my partner from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. TheMask Posts: 10, Forum Member.

Charnham Posts: 55, Forum Member. Charnham wrote: ». Johnny Cash wrote: ». Certainly wouldn't have my life ruled by a man. But in a relationship , i believe in the old fashioed ways! He takes control especially in the bedroom. Telling me what to do etc, turns me on a lot. I'm old fashioned. I do my OH's washing, ironing, cooking. He pays for everything. But I am the boss. We go where we say and he knows who's in charge. In or Register to comment.

Submissive women forum

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