Sneeze kink

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This is uh.. Feel free to scroll past if it's too much or you're just here for fetish stuff. TW potential homelessness I guess? I don't feel comfortable posting my cashapp here so if you're comfortable enough financially to help even a little bit and feel like helping my sorry ass out, feel free to DM me. Literally any small thing helps. I can post a screenshot of the overdue charge as proof if that helps— I don't feel comfortable with doing a GoFundMe because I don't really want all my personal info out there nor everyone I know just how bad it is.

If you even took the time to read this, thank you. As some kind of.. I finally did something! He's depicted in his 20s, AKA pro hero era I guess you could call it! I hope you like this stubborn tsundere boy! Too bad those things overheat after like 20 minutes of use and can literally send you to the hospital. Their nose wrinkled desperately as you continued to tickle their nostrils with a black feather, which was already shining with spray. They sniffed back the tickle, to obey you, but that only wrenched more trembling hitches from them.

Their eyes were shining with itchy tears, and their mouth was open, gasping with effort. Their freckled nose was now squished against the palm of their hand - a last desperate effort. They nod, hitches already overwhelming them.

A single tear rolls down the bridge of their nose and hangs near the nostrils, making it even harder for them to stay in control. Their eyes rolled back, finally succumbing to their urge. You can pry photic Tommy out of my cold dead hands.

His bruises healed; his cuts closed up; the persistent headache that had plagued him was finally just a dull pain whenever he looked at a light. Tommy was finally starting to feel like himself when he felt the first tickle. Harsh and sudden, it overwhelmed him before he could even thinking of muffling it back.

He could feel it now: a dry tickle setting itself up in his throat, a sharp tickle lodging itself firmly in his sinuses. The fever from his attack was going to fade nicely into a new fever borne from illness. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes, knowing it would only pain him, and settled on a sigh. The last thing he needed after spending all that time in the hospital was a cold, but it seemed like that was in his future. Keep reading. Posts Likes snext me ;;;;;;; Archive. Repost cause still goin thru it. My style is forever changing, xD i still am..

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Sneeze kink

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