Sexting discords

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We work collaboratively across industry, government and with schools to reach UK families with tools, tips and resources to help children benefit from connected technology smartly and safely. Is the Discord platform safe? We recommend that with the correct privacy and security settings, Discord can be used safely by kids. Please bear in mind, there are always risks when it comes to sites with online chat options.

Discord launched in is a platform for people with similar interests to share and communicate. It is popular among the gaming community as it offers a way for video game players to communicate with each other and develop a community outside of the games themselves. The platform works on the basis of servers. These are set up with a particular focus or emphasis as a way for people to congregate, discuss and exchange images, links, and information. These servers offer both text and voice communication via a microphone on the device you use.

Users can be invited to servers or find links online to access them. The person who set-up the server usually sets some ground rules about who it is for and the expected level of courtesy and etiquette. Find out more about Game age ratings explained. Safe Direct Messaging offers a traffic-light colour-coded system to determine whether messages should be checked for inappropriate content:. Find out more at Discord Parental controls. If you see anything suspicious or simply want to report a user, you can submit a request.

It can be a really powerful way for children of an appropriate age to discover other people with similar interests and build community. This may be from playing a video game, but it can also be any other interests, such as playing an instrument, a favourite artist, or a favourite author.

Take the time to check in with them to make sure you are across who they are chatting to and always encourage them to keep conversations positive and appropriate. It can also give you an opportunity to equip them with the tools to deal with any risky situations that they may face. Please note: You can also use certain privacy and security tools on your mobile device or computer to further limit interactions and location-based information. Check out our parental controls for more info.

Discord contains adult content and must be labelled as only accessible to those over 18 years old. Anyone that opens the channel will see a warning message letting them know that it might contain NSFW material and asking them to confirm that they are over Along with this, you can type, talk, listen and watch live videos of other users. It is a beneficial way to connect with other people if they are the right age to use it and have the proper support and context from parents and carers. Children of all ages are likely to encounter risks on the platform but younger children should use social apps or platforms that are deed specifically for them, like YouTube Kids and PopJam.

Share this content on. Discord app safety — What parents need to know. Internet Matters Team June 15th, Take a look below what you need to know about Discord. How Discord works What you need to use Discord What is the age rating? What are the privacy and security settings on Discord? What are the benefits of Discord? What to watch out for on the Discord Latest updates. What is Discord? Note: Discord is not only just used by gamers nowadays.

What you need to use Discord A computer, tablet, or smartphone An address to set up an What is the age rating? Find out more about Game age ratings explained What are the privacy and security settings on Discord? Credit: Discord. Recent posts. YouTube: Tips and tricks to keep your children entertained and safe.

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Sexting discords

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