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I created this blog to cover my journey to becoming a cuckold and hopefully help others based on what I have learned during to process. It seems that ladies are often very reluctant to cuck their husbands even though it offers them enormous amounts of love and freedom. For a long time felt like I needed to be a cuckold but never acted on it. In fact, this was long before I even knew what a cuckold is. First, you need to sort out if this is just a fantasy or a way that you really want to live our life.

For me this was more difficult than it appears because I really love sex with women, ideally I would like to fuck every day of the week. I am a rugged outdoors type guy that will flirt with a woman in a second. I am not a weak person and will defend my girlfriend even with my life if necessary.

I am not the type of guy you would think desires to become a cuck in the bedroom. This is something that bothered me for a long time. However, after reading about the lifestyle I now understand this is a common profile for cuckold. So why in the world would a guy like me want to become a cuck? The more demanding the cuckoldress the more it excites me overall. As an example my girlfriend has used a strap-on with me a few times. The rougher and more demanding she gets when using it the more exciting I find it even though it pushes my pain threshold to the limits.

Moving from the in charge guy to full sub for my cuckoldress is challenging. I believe the only way I will become a true cuck is being with a woman that wants to be a cuckoldress and loves the lifestyle. She has to be dominant enough to keep me under control and in-line. It takes a special woman to be a cuckoldress because it takes a lot of work to get it right.

Well a few years ago I met a woman I fell head over heals in love with. I was so conflicted whether to talk with her about it. When I get married again I want to be in a cuckold marriage. At that point I dove in and told her. She eventually came to understand the cuckold dynamic and we continue to pursue the lifestyle. However, we have a long ways to go to develop into a true cuckold couple.

I have to remind myself this is a VERY important part of a good cuckold relationship. It does make me really appreciate that I met someone that has embraced the lifestyle and is working to make our relationship better. I have a pretty robust view of what a cuckold should be. Do not start this to save a marriage do it to enhance your marriage. She WILL be having sex with other men and you have to stay dedication to each other and support each other when this happens.

If not, guys like me will drift right back to the guy that wants to fuck woman all the time. At the same time, the reduction in intercourse has to be combined with large amount of teasing to keep your cuck horny and wanting to please you. All of this keeps to cuck forced on the cuckoldress and wanting to please her to get the sex he desires. I can tell you from personal experience the fact is if you keep your cuck horny and constantly tease him, he will be putty in your hands.

As you reduce the intercourse with your cuck the cuckoldress should never go without sex. She should get all and any kind of sex she wants both from her cuck, as well as, other men. At least in the beginning, a major portion of her sex intercourse should come from other men. A cuckold relationship does not need to be a full time event. I have researched those couples that have incorporated cuckolding into their life and come up with the following concussions. Yes, in the bedroom it should be the major way couple handles their love life, but a couple has to slip out of it and make love from time to time.

Outside the bedroom the relationship should be just like any great relationship a couple can not let the bedroom play dominant the whole relationship. They should also work to mix the two together. As an example, go on a date night with your wife — dinner, wine, lots of loving and kisses. Then after dinner take her to her bull so she can get pleases sexually and experience some great orgasms.

She sleeps with some of her past fuck buddies when they come to town. We have also experienced with chastity but not something that really excites her. Will we ever get to the level of what I consider a true cuckold couple? Maybe you even got angry about it or felt hurt? I can tell you it will be okay. So what is this cuckold thing all about? Philosophy Today points out that wife-sharing fantasies are quite common.

Cuckolding has become so sexually prevalent that it has become the second most searched porn term. This has become a fantasy for many men and women. With a cuckold their fantasies are focused on the woman they love and lust over, their wife or girlfriend, it just comes in the form of sharing her with other men. Ladies your man could be lusting over some young hottie but no his fantasies are focused on you and you getting sexual pleasure.

So why have you not heard about cuckolding before? Men often keep being cuckolding to their selves and never tell the one they love because they concerned they will not understand. Coming from a cuckold, I can tell you taking the step in telling the one you love is extremely difficult. Be glad he had the courage to tell you about it. Its crazy to think that you fucking other men and experiencing immense sexual pleasure will help you improve your relationship, but it can. Data shows when both partners practice cuckolding as a couple they reap huge relationship benefits.

Cuckolds are often confused with Stages or Hotwife couples. The one thing that all of these relationship styles have in common is the wife has sex with other men. But aside from that cuckolds are very different. If your man is a cuckold and you want to have a cuckold relationship understanding what excites him is key.

The three key parts of this definition are 1. Being submissive 2. Masochism 3. Their wife having sex other men. If your husband is a cuckold including all 3 elements in the relationship is very important for success. Cuckolds desire to be submissive in the bedroom. They want to be dominated and this domination can, and should, come both his wife as well as her bull.

Make him serve you in the bedroom. They are often very protective of their wife. Cuckolds are sometimes considered weak by society which they are not, they just want to be submissive in the bedroom. Cuckolds make great husbands. Humiliation is the next key aspect of cuckolding. Use humiliation and use it often, this helps to drive the competitiveness within a cuck you are after.

Make him wear a cock cage, panties or even a butt plug. Tell him how your bull pleases you sexually, in great detail. But have sex with your husband often, very often, keep in mind sex may just be a hand job or you fucking him with strap-on. Make him earn being able to cum or penetrate you, both should be a rare privilege.

Most cuckolds thrive on humiliation so do it and do it often. The final key in the definition is the wife having sex with other men and sex means fucking. The more you are enjoying sex with other men the more your cuck will enjoy it too. A HUGE element in all of this is you, his wife, enjoying it and turning into a true cuckoldress. This is truly a big turn on for your cuck. So find a bull that you enjoy fucking and do it a LOT.

Real cuckold couples blog

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