Pumping vaginas

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Did you read the phrase "Pussy Pump" in our headline, and totally cringe? It's OK. It does sound a bit out there if you're not familiar with these amazing devices. The term "pussy pump" or "vagina pump" brings about the same idea as a Penis Pump—pumps used to coax a penis to erection. For many of us, the first introduction we had to a penis pump was in Austin Powers, and to say that scene was scary AF would be an understatement. Penis pumps, while real, should not be painful.

They simply increase blood flow to the penis and help male-bodied people with conditions like ED achieve and maintain stronger erections. The same line of thinking goes for a pussy pump. While pussy pumps may sound Austin-Powers-level scary, they're actually a super easy tool to help increase stimulation and blood flow to the vulva , clitoris, and vagina.

In fact, the term pussy pump should be thought of as endearing rather than uncomfortable. Who doesn't love a more sensitive vulva before sexy-time, right? Here is everything you need to know about how to use a pussy pump and why you might want to get one for yourself or a partner. A pussy pump uses a vulva-sized chamber, tube, and handheld pump to increase the sensitivity of the vulva and clitoris. Most pussy pumps use a plastic chamber that you place over the whole vulva to create an airtight seal. You then use the hand-pump to tighten the seal.

The more you pump, the tighter it gets. The tighter the seal, the more sensitive the whole vulva area can become. These pumps can be used for pre-foreplay, as foreplay, or to increase sensitivity before masturbation and intercourse. It's really up to you how to choose to use it. These toys are very much about experimentation to find what works for you. Pussy pumps also come specifically for the clitoris. While there are still handheld clit pumps, these toys have recently gotten an automated upgrade in the form of suction toys, like the Womanizer Premium.

This toy uses a combination of suction and air to create an oral sex-like sensation. Since the clitoris is so sensitive 8, nerve-endings , these toys can give you a super-fast, super amazing orgasm. Master the best techniques, sex positions, and more in our complete guide to clitoral stimulation. Pussy pumps can be used by anyone who wants to increase sensation to the vulva or clitoris. If you're looking for extra sensitivity or to experiment with your body's pleasure threshold, you can totally give these tools a whirl. They're also a great tool for anyone with a vulva who might be experiencing a lack of sensitivity or lubrication with sexual play.

This can happen for a variety of reasons including stress, past trauma, or anxiety among many other things. A pussy pump feels like a suction cup, to put it in the most rudimentary terms. The more you squeeze the hand pump, the tighter the suction becomes.

While the feeling will vary from person to person, from body to body, it usually feels pretty darn good. The suction brings blood front and center to the vulva, helping to fast-track the body's natural physiological sexual response cycle. Once removed, manual or oral stimulation will be even more intensified. It helps you feel all the feels.

If you're thinking about trying a pussy pump, you definitely want a product that is straightforward and easy to use. This easy-to-use vaginal pump is great for beginners and will have you revving and ready to go in minutes. It's important to pay attention to your body and see how everything feels for you. Each pump can increase suction quite a substantial amount so be sure to check in with yourself or your partner between each squeeze.

Once you're feeling revved up and ready to go, your body will let you know. Now, to get to the nitty-gritty of pussy pumps: Using them! Most simple pussy pumps like the one above come with four parts: the chamber, a flexible tube, a hand pump, and a release valve. First, lube up the rim of the chamber. This helps to create a vacuum-tight seal around the vulva. Then, use the hand pump to start tightening the suction.

Don't get so excited that you start furiously pumping away without making sure you're comfortable. This should not be painful, it should be pleasurable! Be sure to check in your body and pump one squeeze at a time. Because each pump can feel substantially tighter than the last, pump gently.

The seal gets tighter not when you squeeze the bulb, but when you release it. So, pay attention to what is happening and always communicate how you're feeling to a partner. To release the pressure, press the easy-release valve right above the bulb. One squeeze and the vacuum will completely release. If you want to leave the chamber in place, suctioned to your vulva, simply remove the hose.

There is a second release valve on the chamber itself, which can be used to remove the chamber at any time. One of the most frequently asked questions we see, "Are pussy pumps safe? Now because we're talking about suction on of the most sensitive areas of the entire body, you want to be very careful when using a pussy pump. If you push yourself too far or don't remove the chamber should your body feel pain, you could cause tissue damage. If you have a history of dyspareunia, vulvodynia, endometriosis, or any other vulvar-related health issues, always consult your doctor before using a toy like this.

Better safe than sorry. Be sure to use a gentle, water-safe lube with your pussy pump. READ: The key reasons why sex educators love using coconut oil as lube. Once you've removed your pussy pump, be sure to listen to your body when engaging in other play. While these pumps are deed to increase sensation, they can also increase pain sensitivity. Be careful, check-in with yourself, and be gentle with your body.

To clean your pump, use a gentle soap and warm water. Dry it completely and store it in a cool, dry place. Be sure to thoroughly wash your pump between every single use. Follow us lewandmassager. What are you waiting for? You have no items in your shopping cart. Your discount has been applied! A pussy pump might sound super scary, but they're actually a super easy tool to help stimulate arousal to the vulva. What does a pussy pump do? What is a pussy pump? Who can use a pussy pump?

What does a pussy pump feel like? How to use a pussy pump Now, to get to the nitty-gritty of pussy pumps: Using them! Pussy pump safety and aftercare One of the most frequently asked questions we see, "Are pussy pumps safe? Found this article on pussy pumps useful? You'll love our most complete guides on wand vibrators and stainless steel sex toys! Clitoris G-Spot. What is squirting? People are simply mad for it. Now, …. Anatomy Clitoris. Clitoris Couples Play Wand Tips. Clitoris G-Spot Wand Tips. Subscribe to our newsletter for special offers, product updates and tips on how to marry pleasure and wellness.

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Pumping vaginas

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