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Newly elected Washtenaw County Prosecutor Eli Savit issued a policy statement that effectively decriminalizes the exchange of sex for money between two consenting adults. Does this mean Washtenaw County is the new destination for sex tourists from the Detroit Metropolitan area?

This is a boon for local hotel occupancy. And, what about all of the vacant office and shopping center space? MiCompanions, the former lowbrow hobbyist message board that was taken down a few years ago, is back. For the uninitiated, take a look a some of my posts, many are tagged micompanions, on this board to see what that board was all about. Second, my sense is that these escort message boards have run their course. The halcyion years for whore boards ended with the demise of Scorps Guide and Escort Vault.

Younger, non career hookers found other options to find johns leaving these boards to the lower end of the escort business. Sure prices are cheaper, but the quality of the providers is average to below average. Even during a pandemic, there other, more productive things to do. Too much stress, like being mocked on a blog that nobody re, could kill them. Search the privacy. Use a hardened Firefox browser when you access the site. Do not use gmail or outlook or any other common provide that tracks your usage. Both have free s and you only have to use it once.

Do not use the address you up with for any other . On their last attempt at running a board, Mica and his crew were not logging IP addresses that I could determine. A comment below says they did and do log IP addresses But, better safe than sorry. The fact that the site is hosted in Iceland makes no difference. Everyone using it is subject to US law and the everything posted on the site can be scraped by LE. The only interest that I have in the new MiCompanions is exposing them if they abuse their Admin privileges and of course in any idiotic shenanigans like the Shviz post I made several years ago — click on the Shvitz tag below if you want some funny reading.

So, if anyone wants to report back, my is on the About here at MiComplainers. Good luck. Five hundred bucks an hour with a three hour minimum. Of course, like most things related to the escort business, what you see is not necessarily what you get. Their branding is terrific. But, buyer beware. Take a look at the following that I received recently. Ive met all these women except for Hailey and Parker. I can confidently say Miranda is the best lay and the most attractive of these women.

Miranda is an extremely sexy woman despite whats been said here. She is however an awful person. Her arrogance, insecurity, and rudeness comes across within seconds of speaking with her. Belle was attractive but somewhat stupid and just vanilla in every way. Her pictures depict a Playboy model-esque woman but in truth she comes across as a cute 18 year old who dresses like a high schooler.

Lets get to Lena. First of all her pics are heavily photoshopped. She is attractive in a basic way but in real life, she is slightly chubby and soft. Her moon polish peasant face has the tell tale s of alcoholic bloat. If its possible, she is less likeable and more arrogant than Miranda. They all work out of the same rental except for Miranda who books her own rooms mostly. Attached is a photo which shows what Lena looks like unedited. He sent an unedited photo of Lena Czura and it depicted about what I expected.

A little overweight, but not corpulent, very average looking middle aged woman. So, have fun, but go in with lowered expectations. Is business that bad out there? But, it seems hypocritical for escorts to moan on message boards about how terrible it is that the johns want to go in raw, but when business is bad, offer up no condom sex to anyone who asks. This has to stop. Here are the steps that I think everyone should take before they contact an escort, post on any message boards, or visit any escort web sites:.

Post them to the comments. Apparently, the city is finally cracking down on sex in the VIP rooms and intends to close the club. Sex in metro area strip clubs has been for sale for at least 25 years and, while the Wayne County Sheriff has sporadically cracked down on it, buying sex has continued as an integral part of the strip club experience in the Metropolitan Detroit market. Will this impact the escort market in Southeastern Michigan? I did this in a comment but figured it might generate some discussion as a main post.

This is simply a made up average based on experience but it could be way off. So, how far off am I here? Miranda and Lena- do either of you own any hard assets? Real estate? Also, how often do you actually get your asking price on services?

Respectfully, that seems on the high side given the competition in the coastal cities. But, does anyone know the economics? Miranda is a regular Twitter poster and appears just as insufferable as ever. She frequently posts professionally made videos that do nothing to hide her plumpness. I was able to take a look at all of her social media. But, she is every bit the equal of Miranda Evans in weight, love of restaurant food, and insufferable personality. One of the comments on the blog stated that Lena and Miranda were going to share an apartment.

She has some boyfriend with a man bun and stringy hair that she travels all over the world with spending money like she has an unlimited supply. But, no where near what she was in her prime. If I thought about it some more, I might come up with others, but no one has really hit the radar screen. If you have anything, post it to the comments. Edit to add a side by side picture of Miranda Evans and Lena Czura for purposes such as criticism, comment, and news reporting.

I contend these two have short, stubby, big boned bodies. I realize that older guys may find them attractive, but I do not. Either way, it can only help their already robust marketing. Anyone interested in taking a look can hop on over to their Twitter feeds msmirandaevans lenaczura. What a boner killer. Periodically, I receive s about different providers. So, I read the following with skepticism. You can decide whether or not to believe it.

Home About. Category Archives: michigan escort boards. Jan 18 Prostitution Decriminalized in Ann Arbor Newly elected Washtenaw County Prosecutor Eli Savit issued a policy statement that effectively decriminalizes the exchange of sex for money between two consenting adults. Jan 12 Jan 02 Branding is all the Rage—but Buyer Beware. Nov 06 Jan 03 Here are the steps that I think everyone should take before they contact an escort, post on any message boards, or visit any escort web sites: Download the TOR browser and use it for all escort related web browsing.

Start with Privacy. Come up with a false identity that you will assume for all of your hobby activities. You can do this yourself or use Fake Name Generator to come up with a fake name and address for you. But, you must use this identity in your hobby activities. These services are encrypted and they do not keep logs. Accordingly, no one can read your or trace an back to you. Get a prepaid phone using cash. You must use a physical phone with a separate . I like going to a Tmobile in a strip shopping center because they have limited to no video surveillance, they take cash, and you can up without using your real name or providing any ID.

This can cost a little money, but no more than the cost of one appointment. You can create a fake social media profiles and populate them with contacts. And, you can hire a service to answer a phone with your fake company name. Your only goal is not to provide your real identity to an escort and these legal means are good enough.

Oct 16 HERE is a nice little tale of sex and strip clubs that they made into a movie. Aug 26 Aug 20 Morgan Veda I was able to take a look at all of her social media. Apr 22 Aug 08 Sid, Needless to say, Michigan is a wasteland since Morgan and Marissa left. All we have is the Kendal Burke and Arianna types upping their rates well into their forties.

I came across Lenaczura on social media. I was excited because she looked young and hot. I booked and it was on. She also looked very worn down and was nodding off q bit during our conversation. The sex was rather uninteresting and uninspired and she kept checking the clock.

Overall I will never repeat. She wasnt prepared, seemed worn and was a clock watching robot. Blog at WordPress. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

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