Lute hende

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This is the longest characters on the wiki; it should be split into subs. A succubus demon-girl that falls in love with Lute Hende after he survives a night in bed with her. She had been attacking townsmen in Boan at the start of the story. The top female graduate from the Royal Knight's Academy, and the 2 overall graduate from the class that Lute was part of. Although she seems cold and mean, she is actually a very affectionate girl who cannot hide her true emotions toward those she loves.

Voiced by: Alice Sakurai JP. Her father was the best royal knight in the kingdom, but he defected to a rebel movement which she took over after he passed away. It's said that her skills are unmatched in both swordplay and chess. Since her father had always wanted a son, she referred to herself as such. She likes men with a sense of humor, but hates skirt-chasers.

Voiced by: Yuki Sakata JP. Wife of the Prefect of Boan. Originally from Shoenburg like Lute , she lived there until she was 5. She likes hearing things about the capital. She dislikes the cold, lonely nights in Boan. The King of Edelland. He is the father of Prince Bobon and Princess Luceria.

He lives in the royal palace in Shoenburg, the capital city of Edelland. During the time of the story, he has been trying to initiate political reform from a system of allegedly greedy nobles ruling territories to that of a Knighted Bureaucracy a meritocracy where skilled, educated, and loyal knights would control territories instead.

Voiced by: Atsuya Takizawa JP. Voiced by: Yukimitsu Koshi JP. Voiced by: Ranmaru JP. A general of Edellbard, and was a graduate from the very first class at the Royal Knight's Academy. Voiced by: Dobu Rokuro JP. Voiced by: Aiko Takeda JP. Firstborn son of King Hagel I. Voiced by: Masato Sakurai JP. The Prefect of Boan. He was a graduate of the Knight's Academy, and he was ranked dead-last in his class just like Lute. Voiced by: Kojiro JP.

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Lute hende

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