Kik wont let me chat

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This article will discuss about the Kik Chat Limit Reached Error that is currently being faced by so many users all around the world and its solution. Keep scrolling if you want to learn the quick fix for this Error. Happy Reading Folks! Kik, officially known as Kik Messenger is an instant messaging application used by so many people all around the world.

It was developed by a Canada based company known as kik interactive. The application was launched back in Like every other instant messaging App, Kik is also being used by so many people out there. It also has a huge fan base like any other messaging Application.

The only aspect that differs Kik from all other messaging application is that, it gives a limit of messages to the users for a single day. The limit of messages given to android users is while the IPhone users have an option to send messages in a single day. The limit of these messages gets updated on midnight and this limit remains valid for 48 Hours. Additionally, the IPhone users can have their last messages saved in the application, while android users can only save their last messages. So, they cannot provide any copy of the chat to their users.

But, Kik messages can be stored locally on your device which can be found in the Application data later. Kik Chat Limit Reached Error causes when users cross the message limit allotted to them. Upon reaching the rate limit, the users will not be able to send anymore messages. Resultantly, They will receive error, back form the application. The Error indicates that the rate limit has been exceeded by the user. The users all around the world are searching for the solution of Kik Chat Limit Reached Error, but unfortunately they are unable to find any permanent solution by now.

Users are expecting that, the messenger App will look into this problem and fix the bugs as soon as possible. Most of them have already requested the Kik App authorities to reconsider the message limit issues. In this technological reign, people have plenty of options for the messaging applications to choose from. People have access to so many applications and most often they select the application according to their convenience.

For now we believe that the above mentioned steps will help you solve the error. Further, we are hoping that Kik messenger app will look upon the problems raised by the users and do the need fill. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Table of Contents. Share this:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Show more.

Kik wont let me chat

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