I want to be pegged

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Hello, i am a 22 year old male who wants to explore anal play. I have no sexual attraction what-so-ever to males or crossdressers etc. I currently have an amazing girlfriend, who loves to rim me, and vice versa. Although she is comfortable doing that and has never questioned my sexuality, i feel that if i ask her to maybe use fingers, or try pegging etc, it may push her away.

Is there a good way that i am able to approach the topic, without causing any concerns or strain on our relationship? After speaking to my girlfriend, she give me a good fingering and i really enjoyed it. Hopefully, this is a good and i am very happy, toys and being pegged is to come.

Going shopping this weekend, wish me luck :. I wanted to ask a question to any women who like pegging, if my gf was to get a feeldoe strapon which sits in her pussy while she can fuck me, would you still recommend a harness to hold it in place, or is it enough being strapless? Something to remember - the reason why men enjoy anal play is because there are lots of nerve endings in the anus and prostate. Note that I did not say "gay" nerve endings - nerves don't have a sexual orientation.

Lots of straight guys enjoy fingers and toys in their asses, whereas lots of gay guys don't enjoy anal play at all. Any sex act that happens between a man and a woman - up to and including her railing him with the largest strap on that money can buy - is, by definition, heterosexual. You, as a man, cannot have gay sex with a woman, period. Now, does that mean she will be into it? It took my own wife years to understand that me liking anal play didn't mean I was gay or bi. Society does have a lot of stigma attached to anal penetration, but it's bullshit.

Talk to your GF in a non sexual situation. Don't start off with "I've been fantasizing about a huge dildo in my ass" - instead, go with "hey, you know how much I enjoy it when you rim me. I would like to explore that further - I think that I would like for you to use a finger on me, if you're open to trying that. Incidentally, if you having this sort of conversation drives her away, you are dodging a bullet of sexual incompatibility. It's one thing for a person to not be into everything else their partner likes.

That's cool. But to judge them or not want to be with them due to sexual tastes is core incompatibility that le to everyone's unhappiness. Thank you for the detailed information. I think that she likes the idea of anal play, because she enjoys rimming me, but im just anxious as stated ly it may push her away asking to use fingers or toys.

She currwntly loves me fucking her ass rimming, but again she hates me trying to put a finger in. Im hoping she is receptive to the idea and maybe not dive straight into pegging but maybe me fucking her when shes put a butt plug in me, or her wanking my cock while putting a finger and licking my ass.

I am going to discuss more anal play at some point in the next week and hopefully something will come of it. Try not to fear things that might happen. Consider this, she may have already been fantasizing about taking your anal play to the next step. Have the conversation in a non-sexual setting. Ask her if that's something she'd be willing to explore with you and go from there.

If she's not, question answered and move on. If so, have fun! Thank you very much for the fast reply, my gf has very recently started rimming me, and it makes everything ten folds more sexy. She enjoys lots of anal play, im just anxious to mention i myself want to try more anal play. We have a very healthy relationship, but i just dont want to put her in an uncomfortable situation. Do you think saying that i want to try it and being forward would be the way to go?

Or just simple mentioning it and seeing the reaction? It's not gay. My girlfriend loves doing it and pegging is next up. I love her licking my arse but still getting used to the poking and beading hahaha. I myself have never tried inserting anything in my ass, but i really want to try it as it seems so hot and i think it would dramatically improve an already amazing sex life.

Go for it. Keep in mind things can be dirty down there and prepare accordingly. I'm a str8 guy but tried buttplay doing some gay4pay-ish solo stuff. Had some mind blowing orgasms from it. Happy I've tried it. I understand it can get messy, i perform a weekly enema to clear my system out, and know how to clear myself accordingly. I am hoping my gf is feeling the same way and is as interested as i am. I have heard orgasms are much more intense, and if i was to get a pegging toy, i am prepared to spend more for one which pleases her as much as myself. Again thak you for the insight and i will update with what is said etc.

That is what i was thinking, but i did not want to put her out of her comfort zone, i think we are going to talk about it, and let it internalize and understand, and hopefully she can plough my prostate. After speaking this evening, she fingered me nice and deep and i loved it. Going tk pop into town thos weekend get some toys and buy the strap on and gradually work up to it. I think a lot of girls like to finger their guy. The first girl that did it to me asked a few times before I let her and she was by no means the first I just wasn't comfortable with myself.

Now I love it and I have yet to have a girl think it was weird. Now pegging is another step in that she has to perform a fucking motion that is not what they normally do. My SO has tried it a few times, doesn't really love doing it and finds the motion exhausting and she's in really good shape.

You might find that a vibrator is a good middle ground. Get one specifically for 'P spots', but one that is for her and 'G spot' angled will work well too. Also, if you haven't yet, start small. I understand what your saying. I am willing to spend more money, on one the stimulates her just as much as me. Whilst on the subject do you think there is a better position for anal sex, for example should i straddle my girlfriend if i get to that point, or should i want to do doggy style.

If you like things in the butt checkout Bad Dragon. Amazing toys. It's not going to work because the vagina is slippery while the anus is quite hard to penetrate. I suggest you to buy a classical strapon for pegging. Could you not use the feeldoe with a harness, so both me and my gf get pleasure? I want to be [pegged]. Posted by 4 years ago. Going shopping this weekend, wish me luck : UPDATE I wanted to ask a question to any women who like pegging, if my gf was to get a feeldoe strapon which sits in her pussy while she can fuck me, would you still recommend a harness to hold it in place, or is it enough being strapless?

Sort by: best. Good luck! Continue this thread. Love the update! Getting pegged is freaking awesome! Thanks for the information :. More posts from the sex community. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges. No exceptions.

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I want to be pegged

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