How to be a good cuckold

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You get access to a wealth of content featuring bi cuck pleasures that I promise will make you cum like a good cuckold cocksucker should. Hopefully I can make it easier for you by showing you how to be a good bi cuckold for your wife. Remember, this is as much about meeting her needs as it is about meeting yours.

Being a good bi cuckold is not about your sexuality. Being a good bi cuckold is about submission. This is good advice for any cuckolding situation. Your mouth is meant to make her bull feel good while getting him hard. Sucking his cock is meant to provide your wife with a thrill, too. This is a continuation of that. If you find your heart pounding as you stare at his naked cock inches from your face, try and remember that.

This is my place. My place is to suck the cock of the man that fucks my wife the way she deserves to be fucked. Tighten your focus. Forget about everything else except for your mission: To make his big dick nice and hard for your wife. Close your eyes and move up and down on his shaft. Use your tongue. Play with his balls. Do everything you can to make him feel good. When he fucks her, your wife will be happy.

I have exactly what you need. My Patreon supporters get access to 2 cuckold audio clips every month. If you really want to impress him, lick and suck on his balls. Stroke his cock with your skilled hand while you move down and take his testicles into your mouth. Think of it as helping to prepare a nice big load for him to launch into your wife. He needs to be in the right position, but a dominant man loves it when he gets his ass licked. He loves the submission it shows. Paying attention to his balls and asshole can be a great way of doing that. The physical stimulation will feel good and he might find even more arousal in watching you offer your mouth in such a slutty way.

You need to be available to service him throughout. Wait close by so that your wife can call you to the bed to suck his dick after he slips out of her pussy. Take him in your mouth. Pleasure him. Suck her juices off of him and then put his cock back inside her. Climb between his legs when she rides him reverse cowgirl and suck his balls. Enhance his pleasure with your mouth. Run your tongue over his nuts. Bathe them with your spit while your wife milks him with her pussy. Shove your tongue up in there. Giving him an orgasm is the best way to give pleasure.

Be a good bi cuckold and ask if you can give him head. Show him how eager you are to please him. You could get on your knees and suck his cock while he enjoys the drink you prepared. Your wife could him on the couch and share sensual kisses with her bull while your mouth is full of his dick. You could then move between her legs to get her nice and wet so the cock you just fluffed can enter her. Make sure you examine his testicles before you move on to your wife.

They may be messy too. You might have to lick some of his cum out of his pubic hair, as well. When you do, use your mouth to clean any residue and cum that might be left on his cock. It happens. When it does, she may offer your mouth. It will likely happen in the same location that he and your wife most commonly have sex. He will come over. You will get on your knees.

You will free his cock from the confines of his pants. You will get on your knees and you will suck his cock until he cums in your mouth. Just get on your knees and do your job. It has nothing to do with your sexuality. Ultimately, it is a pleasure to be able to get on your knees and offer your mouth to a superior cock.

Feel free to thank him, as well, especially if your particular situation involves open submission to her bull. It will certainly put a smile on his face and it will help you embrace your place as his submissive. This is the rarest of occurrences for a bi cuckold, but your wife and her bull may desire to see you take his cock.

They may want you to fully and completely submit by offering your ass for penetration. Let him take the rest. Let him fully put you in your place by fucking you with the big cock that satisfies your wife. If that means taking it up the ass, then so be it. She enjoys giving him pleasure just like he gives her pleasure. She enjoys feeling his cock grow in her mouth. She enjoys hearing his moans thanks to her exceptional oral skills.

She might want you to get down on your knees with her though. It might thrill him to see husband and wife on their knees sucking his cock, licking his balls, and even worshiping his ass. If you get a chance to worship her bull with your wife, do so eagerly. Lick his cock together. Share kisses over the thick, throbbing head. Suck his balls while she sucks his dick. The basics of a blowjob are pretty simple. The cock moves in and out of your mouth, and in doing so it feels pleasure.

It gets hard. Do it long enough and it will cum in your mouth. There are ways to make it better, though, and as a cuckold cocksucker you should strive to give the best blowjob possible. Follow these rules and your wife will be especially proud of her bi cuck husband and his ability to pleasure her bull:.

You may never accomplish that. The nerves that reside under the cock head are where the pleasure comes from. Your job is to stimulate those. Just worry about giving him pleasure. Worry about getting him hard. Worry about working that head with your eager mouth.

That goes double for a dominant man. Show him how much you love having his dick in your mouth. Show him how much you appreciate the chance to develop your oral skills and become a better cuckold for your wife. Show him that you appreciate that he fucks your wife. Fill your eyes with desperate need and lust. So, if you want to be a good cocksucker you need to pay attention to his testicles. Just fondle and caress them. Take a break from sucking his cock every now and then to take his balls in your mouth.

Run your tongue over them. Make sure you look up at him. As a cuckold cocksucker, your tongue is an instrument of pleasure. It needs to be active. Move it around. Enhance his pleasure as you give a blowjob. Get that tongue working over them.

Lick up the sweat. Taste him. He deserves that pleasure and as a cuckold you need to be the one providing it. If you need to practice with a toy or a banana, which will show the teeth marks , make sure you do so until you can take a cock in your mouth without moving your teeth up and down the shaft. As you might know, sometimes a man likes to see a cocksucker gag on his dick. For that reason, go ahead and gag on his cock from time to time.

Try and swallow it. Let it trigger your gag reflex. Look at the satisfaction on his face. So be a good bi cuckold and do it. Ultimately, the key to being a good bi cuckold comes down to your willingness to offer yourself to your wife and her bull without any concern for your desires.

You are whatever she says you are. You might just grab his cock and place it inside her. Then she might have you kiss his cock. Embrace what turns you on. Embrace being a bi cuckold if it thrills you. Embrace doing as your wife desires because it thrills her to see you submit. I want to drive you crazy with lust, my lovely little cuckold cocksucker. I desire to please a man for a woman and have almost no limits. Then have them make me jerk off and eat my own cum too.

Everybody know that im a sissy cuckold.

How to be a good cuckold

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