His and her butt plugs

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Description Specification A lot of couples have long been practicing ani This anal hook comes in a variety of sizes and even has a unique tip shape fo Do not take the risk and gamble your safety for pleasure. When it comes to fi Great for roleplay Easy to clean Handmade product Made of high-quality soft Wanna have sex like bunnies?

Want to surprise your honey and get him or her completely turned on? Have you ever wished that you possessed the amazing sex drive of a rabbit? Easy to use Perfect for role play Available in small, medium, and large plu The early morning rain on a summer day drenches the ground. Every raindrop se Unleash your inner lust with this rainbow-colored butt plug set! This kinky k Nothing can compare to the feeling of belongingness and having a partner that Are you someone who loves to cat around with your partner in bed?

If so, y Get the bold foxy style in your kinky role play with this long black colored There's nothing wrong with adding a splash of color on your bum. If you've go This furry pink fox tail plug is deed to add more excitement to your kin A toy that looks as mystical and elegant as obsidian; this swirly delight wil Pry open your bunghole, baby! Available in three varying sizes, each butt plu Once you experience your very first powerful orgasm, you'll always be longing This is another white elegant short tail deed to fulfill all your kinky Transform your sex life and take the kink to a higher level with this cute w Your first backside experience was a horror.

Your man was impatient, and he w Prepare yourself for bigger things. For a one-of-a-kind butt expansion traini This is another set of beautiful short fox tails featuring silicone anal plug Get kinky with this ravishing brown fox tail butt plug. It is guaranteed to Easy to use Looks like a real fox tail This is a real-looking fox tail but Have you always wanted to be a cat? If you are looking for an authentic-looking fox tail to enhance your private This classic black fox tail butt plug is all you need to take your bedtime ro If you are looking for a more intense toy to enhance your sexual role play, Here is another beautiful black and white fluffy fox tail with an awesome st Get a hyper-sexual transformation and brink the kink to your bedroom with th Have you ever dreamt of having a super fluffy tail to enrich your bedroom ro Hear the sex toys ringing!

But with our Jew Add a touch of color to your kinky role play with this rainbow-colored fox t Easy to clean metal plug Perfect for role play Available in small, medium, a Have you run out of options to liven up your sex life? Worry no more. Here i Satisfy your wildest kinky desires with this short beautiful fox tail plug. Embark on a total anal journey of bliss with this sparkly set of jeweled butt Don't they look gorgeous?

Transform into a foxy lady and moan with pleasure with the 18" Grey Fox Tail What's a damsel in distress to do when a ferocious creature is attacking her, When your pet play needs a little picking it up and a little new flavor, then Seeking ways to heat things up in your bedroom? Meet the 16" Tail Brown Fox Fancy having a tail and getting in touch with your primal, animalistic side?

Do you want your partner to take good care of your needs, like making you fee Pet play has long been practiced by couples all over the world. This sex play Want to surprise and delight your furry Dom? The great part of having a partner is sharing good and bad times. It also mea Anal play is sometimes difficult for some couples to start. If you're one of The best memories will often come from something unexpected and out of the or In the world of anal sex, you will always find yourself looking for that plug Want to look irresistibly hot?

Bring the real kink into your sex life with this short white and purple fox t Giving all of your attention and affection to your partner is sometimes not e Have you ever wondered why people are addicted to pet play? People have all s Elegant Fox Tail Plug. Made of high-quality silicone butt plug with black and If the thought of sex makes your partner purr, then this Black with Pink Cat Bright blue jeweled plug.

Made of high-quality silicone princess type plug. Planning to extend your kinky role play to greater and more exciting heights? Kinkiness can be different for everybody. If you are into animalistic and rau Looking for the ultimate kinky anal stimulation toy to spice your role play a Ravishing large heart-shaped stainless steel plug with red crystal attachment Three pieces set of high-quality Pink Jeweled Silicone Plug. Made of easy to Fancy giving your partner something sexy? Why not give this 17" Tail Brown Fo Get more adventurous in your sexual exploits with this free-flowing long fox It is a cute fluffy fo When we talk about sex, pleasure is one of the things that people get from it Get first dibs on this excellent haul.

Our 3 Sizes Transparent Glass plug is Dazzling crystal jewel in soft and squishy small or medium silicone princess Enjoy your kinky role play with a bright spark of multiple colors with this When was the last time you had that big orgasm? Was it very long ago for you Looking for a more creative way to spice up your sex life?

The black fox tai Adding a little kink into your sex life requires a great deal of thinking and Nothing draws you closer to your partner than passionate sex spiced with kin Are you looking to train the muscles in your anus?

If this seems like an impo Beautiful purple beginner silicone butt plug made of high-quality silicone, p Thinking of a more indulgent way to spice up your sex life? You can do it wi Bring the kink to your bedroom with this short red fox tail butt plug. Want a natural-looking fox tail with a dash of white to explore the most adv Start enjoying intense anal stimulation and mind-numbing orgasms with this c Fulfill your kinky desires with this uniquely deed flaming red and black Picture yourself in a long flowing fox tail as you engage in your erotic rol

His and her butt plugs

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His and Hers Butt Plugs