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If you've been wondering how exactly men and women in bed manage to stay so greedy, it's because there's a certain appeal in the act that is hard to explain To bring a woman to orgasm with oral sex usually takes more than a few minutes. If the woman is flat on the bed, getting my head low enough to access I've never tried to orgasm from oral sex. I've always seen oral as foreplay for a few mins. But I will ask my boyfriend if he will try it for me after I'm in a great realtionship with my boyfriend but I had a query about 1 thing.

I have always had trouble reaching the big O with a man, I can always cum So I've had my hormonal IUD for almost 7 years at which point it will expire and I'll need to get it removed. I have really liked the IUD other than about So I am going crazy with worry.

Granted I hardly ever go all the way like that and I thought Long story short, this guy has been with my daughter for 10 years. They just bought a house and had a new-born. After retiring, I've been helping out Is it normal to like your partner to walk around fully nude in the house with a bush? To enjoy looking at "big chest" and "big behind"? Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password? Mark All Forums Read. Topics Activity Subscriptions Photos. of 1. On Off. Filtered by:.

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Girls sex forum

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