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Have you ever made a visit to the Smiley Shop on Kik Messenger, found an emoji there that you really like, and then clicked on it only to see that it costs more than your Kik points balance holds? Do you still want that smiley? In Kik Messenger, Kik points are an in-app currency members can use to enhance their chat experience.

It lets you buy exclusive emoji and art that you then own and can insert into a message to a friend whenever you want to spark up a text. When you send a message in Kik Messenger, you have all kind of options available that you can add to a text to emphasize your message, show your true feelings, or make a friend laugh with you:.

All of these tools that help you make your messages more fun and meaningful are available totally free in Kik Messenger. You can add even more to your texts with special emoji, sticker art, and more that you get by spending Kik points in the shops on Kik Messenger. Kik points are totally free, too. Most recently, I visited the Smiley Shop with about 1, kp to spend. In the Smiley Shop, you will find exclusive Kik Messenger smileys emoji that you can buy individually or in Mystery Packs of three from a collection.

I knew before clicking that she would be a little pricey. Smileys can be Common, Epic, or Legendary and will cost more when their status is higher. As the only Legendary smiley in her collection, Unique Horn costs 4, kp. Securing him in my locker will take a steep 8, kp. Fortunately, both of these collections have a Mystery Pack available for kp.

For that kp, you get three mystery smileys from the collection. No choosing which ones, of course, for it is a mystery. Think of it as a grab bag, perhaps. All three of these are Common smileys that cost 50 kp each when purchased individually. Fuzz Friends smileys are offered in a Mystery Pack called Jungle Fuzz, which mixes smileys from my desired collection with those from the In the Jungle pack. Well, when I bought this pack, I became the proud owner of Jungle emoji named Duuur? How will I ever get that many kp? Have you met the Kik Points bot? When you chat with Kik Points bot, he offers you free kp in exchange for a bit of your time spent watching an offer from a valuable Kik sponsor.

It usually takes less than 20 seconds to watch the video, play the game, download the free branded sticker pack, or visit the web site link Kik Messenger has a built-in Web browser, so you never leave the app. Usually, he presents you with three offers per day. When all the offers for the day are gone, Kik Points bot asks if you want to play the spin game for a chance to win more kp.

Of course, you always will want to spin to win. Sometimes you do, sometimes you come away with nothing. The more often I play, the better the offer seem to be. Secondly, you risk being discovered by Kik Messenger and having your suspended. Get all your kp from the Kik points bot. Surely you recall that earlier I made mention of a very special personality in the Bot Sho p that needs a few kp to do its best work for you. That lovely helper is Secret Admirer bot. Secret Admirer bot will send an anonymous message to someone on your contact list.

The intent here is for it to be a positive, happy expression of admiration. Secret Admirer bot offers you three levels of assurance that your message will go through anonymously. When you send it free, there is a chance she will cloak you. Give the bot a modest 25 kp and she promises your identity will never be disclosed. Last but certainly not least, you can spend your kp in the Sticker Shop. Stickers are little pieces of art that you add to your texts in Kik Messenger. Unlike emoji offered in the Smiley Shop, pricing is consistent here.

Stickers offered in packs cost kp per pack. Pack stickers presently include the Emotes, Basketball, and Hashtags collections. Other collections offer stickers individually at 40 kp each. It builds character. Thanks for reading!

Get free kik points

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