Friends with benefits sexting

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So the guy I'm sexting is sorta like friends with benefits and he only wants to sext and I like him Share Facebook. Friends with benefits sexting buddy I like him but he just wants to sext and only wants to kiss if he gets a nude Add Opinion. BearsAnswers opinions shared on Dating topic. That is not friends with benefits. Sorry, but that is not something that a friend would demand, and friends with benefits implies that you have to be friends. He is using you, and taking advantage of you, and because you like him and want something more out of this you are considering accepting his disrespect in the hopes that something develops.

If he is trying to say he will only show you attention if you send him a nude pic, he is most certainly not considering you 'relationship' material. In fact, just asking for it could be pushing the boundaries of the law.

What you do is say no. You have to have some respect for yourself. This guy is taking advantage of you, and is banking on the fact that you like him to push you into things you are not comfortable with. If he is pushing you into a picture before you are ready, he will push you into sex before you are ready. That is the behaviour of someone who cares nothing about you as a person, and is only using you to further their own needs. Xper 5. Don't hope for more out of such a retarded situation. Why do you even like a guy who just wants nude photos of you anyway?

You need to have higher standards for yourself and for the people you allow yourself to be around. You're gonna have to tell him how you feel. This is clearly not a healthy thing for you to be involved in. He may surprise you and tell you that he has feelings too, but he may also just be interested in hooking up and you'll have to be prepared to face that. Sometimes guys can form feelings from things like these i. You need to talk to him about it, and if he says he isn't interested, you HAVE to cut him loose. It won't be beneficial for you to stay in this at all.

Good luck! Nope don't do it I was in ur situation 3 months ago and he was such a jerk asking for dirty pics of me within a week and trying to get me to have sex in a parking lot. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Not knowing where I stand at in my friends with benefits life, other than his past friends with benefits?

GUYS, did you know coconut oil can benefit your dick? Sort Girls First Guys First. AlexCab opinions shared on Dating topic. If you're not ok with the situation, tell him so. Related myTakes. Surviving the ro of Italy. The Silent Treatment Trap. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Friends with benefits sexting

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