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By littlejohn , January 18, in Fortress Guest Forum. Serious question but what's the difference exactly? Is forced fem more you feel like a girl and it's cathartic to experience wearing female clothes etc. She unexpectedly transformed me into a total slut - totally surprised me but loved it. Wondering if I could continue my training at the Fortress? To me and maybe only me Both pursue an idealized exaggeration. The sissy, a notion of a woman who typically belongs to a bygone era. Feminine, deferring, proper, tasteful - even when dressed for a coquettish adventure. The slut, a wanton whore, unable to conceal or contain a consuming desire to be used.

They aren't mutually exclusive, but tend that way. The true sissy would look askance at the true slut. The biggest difference to me and maybe only me At least for an hour. He is the ever-so-willing co-conspirator in his feminized re-making. The slut renounces, or will lose in any event, his dignity. Willing, unwilling, doesn't matter. His masculinity is his problem, not yours. It is now irrelevant. He will answer to 'whore' 'bitch' and worse and learn that from now on yours is the only cock that matters, and that is where most of his lipstick will end up.

You'd lock a sissy in chastity because he doesn't need "one of those things. I'm a slut. But I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a submissive. Reconciling the two has been complicated. At least for me I would love to see you continue your training here!

And I would love to hear more details about your experience. I want to hear more about your transformation! What did you wear? And most importantly were you a good little whore? Did your mistress fill all your holes? Personally, those lines are blurred for me although you probably just see things with more clarity than I do. I don't feel the need to be humiliated dressed as a female in fact I am drawn to beautiful women holding the upper hand , it's more as you say that sissying up renounces my masculinity who I am in the outside world and the more pronounced that is, the more exposed and vulnerable I am.

Whilst they have the implements and apparatus to physically contain me at the Fortress, I'm a fairly big, strong guy - I find it far more effective to strip all of the masculinity away and provide it themselves to achieve that scared, vulnerable, gurl inside that doesn't need much coercing to degenerate into the wanton slut whore to be used, broken and discarded by my Mistress. You can post now and register later. If you have an , in now to post with your .

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Forced feminization forum

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