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Payment processing for your website. Toggle Findoms. Register. I for one will Never ever and have never ever used Paypal.. I use another Adult Friendly service to Accept and process finslave Tributes because Paypal is the side bitch to the "man" and we all know who the man is! Mind you, I found a very interesting article on Paypal today that I thought could be informative to the Findoms community.

Is Paypal going Adult? Well somewhat for some people. If your on chaturbate then yes. If your website does payment processing through Epoch then yes. If you have a personal or business paypal then, No! I know it's oddly confusing so I will elaborate. Epoch is a processor that paypal allows. I am not sure as to why, but it does. Paypal also allows Chaturbate users now also, including other sites.

So I suspect if your ed up to Chaturbate - Voila! For those who have not heard Epoch announced the expansion of PayPal to their payment s for all Epoch clients. More here These new loophole methods I found are only for Dommes using Epoch on their websites i. Using Epoch works. It acts as a buffer to your identity on PayPal so it's probably worth the fees istead of putting yourself at risk of loosing everything. In the website article I read it states one cannot accept payments independently but Epoch has exclusive rights to adult service related payments through PayPal. So as the savvy Findom I am with My skills for financial management I started thinking of how I would do this if I used paypal.

And it came to Me. It's that old bait and switch. I love a bait and switch. So let's switch it up and take the bait. Follow My sneaky plan and we can save your PayPal from ruin. The first way 1. If you have a website your going to turn it into a pay site.

If your a Greedy Findom it would have been going in that direction regardless. First step up to Epoch and make then your payment processor. Totally not worth it if you are a Findom unless you make your slaves pick up the fees which they should be doing anyways. The second way 2. up to Chaturbate. Even if you don't work on the site so what?

up. Save your Paypal and stop following others and make your own independent decisions to secure your finances. The Third way 3. Is even more simple then 2. I was shocked to not see anyone using it yet. Mind you I will only be exposing that super easy sneaky secret way to those who show respect towards My intellect for Financial Management and the Game.

Because I believe not everything is for everyone. The constant flow of instas is oh so real and I have had enough of it. So I won't be letting 3 flow until I feel comfortable to do so. For now those 2 ideas will take you very far should you choose to go anywhere at all. Otherwise your stuck on go. Like 5. Cash Verified Slaves.

Findom paypal

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