Eye fetish

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Jun Posted by drmarkgriffiths. In fact, Brenda Love in her book the Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices says that European women used to put chemicals in their eyes so that they would dilate as a way of making men thinking that the women in question were attractive to them. Believe it or not, there are some people who have something of a fetish for eyes.

This condition is called oculophilia and is a sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual arousal and sexual pleasure from eyes. The fetish can manifest itself in a desire for actual physical contact and interaction with the eye. It can also take a of different forms and might be very specific. For instance, it has been written that the 17 th century philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes had a fetish for women with squinted eyes. He cited his attraction to cross-eyed women as originating from an infatuation with hood friend who had a squint.

It appears there are modern day adherents too as I found this on an online confessional website :. The more lazy their eye, the more attractive it is to me. One specific oculophilic activity involves the licking of eyes for sexual pleasure. This activity is called oculolinctus. She did add a note of caution that those engaging in the act should be aware that oral herpes i. There may also be other dangers. For instance, one website claimed that:. Particles, debris and plaque collected in the mouth can emerge at the tip of the tongue. During a tongue to eye licking session those particles can easily scrape the cornea causing ificant damage to the eyeball.

Optometrists are quick to point out that patients do not admit to eye licking as the source of such damage. Most attribute their scratches to sand, pine needles and rusty nails. Another website claimed in the complete absence of empirical evidence that the oculophilic fetish is:. In modern literature, a detailed description of oculolinctus was described by novelist Jonathan Coe in his book The House of Sleep. However, there is plenty of oculophilic fantasy fiction out there online in the form of short stories and blog musings. This can only occur with those where the sexual recipient has glass eye and has the empty eye socket penetrated by a male penis or testicle.

More specifically, she cites the case of a prostitute in the Philippines who gained notoriety for soliciting men to penetrate her eye socket after removing her glass eye. The film features seven small vignettes depicting various moments around alternate styles of sexuality. Eye socket sex โ€” and more commonly eye socket rape โ€” also appears in Japanese pornographic comics i.

There are also occasional reports from the forensic crime literature indicating paraphilic interest in eyes. For instance, writing in a issue of the Journal of Forensic Sciences, Dr. John White examined evidence of primary, secondary, and collateral paraphilias left at serial murder and sex offender crime scenes. Pretty much everyone recognizes the eye as a vulnerable area of the body, making it an intimate area for some people. Where there is vulnerability and intimacy, you might just find eroticism!

And for those who like to be licked, they find the situation as well as the physical stimulation to be highly enjoyable. We know next to nothing about the incidence, prevalence, etiology, or why people engage in the behaviour. This is definitely an area if you excuse the poor pun should definitely be looked at in more scientific detail. Didymus, J. The Digital Journal, November Love, B. Cat-fighting, eye-licking, head-sitting and statue-screwing.

Kick Ed. New York: The Disinformation Company. Neustifter, R. Exploring Intimacy, September White, J. Evidence of primary, secondary, and collateral paraphilias left at serial murder and sex offender crime scenes. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 52, Bookmark the permalink. I am in the process of doing a graduate project on partials body part fetishes , and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for further reading on the subject.

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Eye fetish

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