Extreme s and m ideas

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There are as many ways to "do" BDSM stuff as there are people These are just a few ideas to bring into your sex life. This is divided into , with ideas ranging from mild to very kinky. Each idea has a totally arbitrary kink rating, from one to five. If you have any ideas you think should be here, let me know! Talk about what's going on with your partner. You don't necessarily have to tell him or her exactly what you're planning; sometimes surprises are fun. But you don't want to do anything your partner hates, either. Establish a "safeword.

I mean it. I like "aardvark. Keep a few things handy. Want to tie somebody up? Have some scissors on hand in case you need to get 'em loose in a hurry. Bandage scissors can be slipped beneath a rope without risk of cutting the skin. And for God's sake, make sure you have a key before you try on those handcuffs! Pay attention! Use common sense. Don't rush full-tilt into things you haven't tried yet. Clothespins make wonderful toys. Told you we'd get to that in the "How" part! They can be clamped to all sorts of interesting parts of the body, and the sensation--especially on sensitive parts like nipples--is quite intense indeed.

Furthermore, the longer they stay on, the more intense the sensation when they come off. Clamp them to nipples , or anywhere along the breasts; along the sides, arms, legs, and thighs; and in fact almost any other place you can think of. Generally speaking, plastic clothespins produce more intense sensation than wooden clothespins, and small clothespins have a sharper "bite" than larger clothespins. Make a zip strip: If you really feel adventurous, take about six wooden clothespins and drill a small hole in one handle of each one, near the end. Then, tie the clothespins along a piece of twine, leaving about four inches or so between clothespins.

The result, called a "zipper" or "zip strip," is a series of clothespins that can be clamped in a row along your partner's body--for example, on your partner's belly, up along your partner's body, over your partner's breast, and on your partner's nipple. Once the clothespins are in place, it's just a matter of finding exactly the right time to tug sharply on the twine, pulling the row of clothespins free, one after the other A wicked variant on this idea: tie one end of a long piece of twine to a clothespin.

Run the twine through a pully in the ceiling, and attach a weight to the other end. Clamp the clothespin on your partner's nipple or any other suitable place! Now, see if you can make your partner let go A pair of chopsticks and a couple of rubber bands can also be used to make improvised clamps. Put the chopsticks above and below nipples, or along each slide of the clitoris, and rubber-band them together at the ends. Wooden spoons, paint stirrers, and rubber or plastic ice scrapers of the kind you use to clear ice from a windshield all make excellent paddles.

Wooden spoons are very "stingy;" the rubber ice scrapers are more of a dull "thud. Snake bite kits are available inexpensively from camping supply places and department stores, and include suction cups that provide a surprising amount of suction. These work quite well on nipples, and also on the clitoris. Ordinary dental floss makes great nipple bondage. Tie a slipknot in a piece of dental floss and pull it snug on the submissive's nipples. Remote-controlled vibrators and butt plugs are available at most sex toy stores these days. While they're fun to play with in their own right, in group or semi-public settings they are particularly wicked.

You can, for example, equip the submissive person with a remote-controlled toy of some sort, and then go out to dinner with friends. During the evening, the friends can swap control of the remote controller device, and the submisive can try to guess who has it Brushes of various sorts are excellent on bare skin, especially when the submissive is blindfolded. For example, a soft brush such as a shaving or makeup brush can be alternated with a stiff brush such as a toothbrush on breasts, nipples, thighs, sides, and so on. An electric toothbrush makes a wonderful sex toy when used on a clitoris A bamboo skewer of the type used in the kitchen is quite an interesting sensation toy when it's used on a bound and blindfolded person.

Dragged slowly and with moderate pressure over the skin, it feels much sharper than it is; used on sensitive areas like nipples and breasts, you can make someone believe you're actually piercing the skin with a needle, even though the skewer is blunt and won't break skin. Ice is a great all-purpose sex toy that can be used in a of different ways. A more complex variant if you have enough lead time is to make an ice dildo. To do this, you'll need a plain unlubricated condom and the cardboard tube from the center of a roll of paper towels. Cut the cardboard tube lengthwise, then close it into a cylinder that's as wide as you want the dildo to be, and tape it.

Fill the condom with water, tie it shut, and suspend it in the tube with a piece of string; the cardboard tube will prevent the water from bulging in the dildo. Then place it upright in the freezer. In a few hours, you'll have a seamless dildo made of ice whatever diameter you like! This can be used for vaginal or anal play; you can find illustrated step by step directions here. Note: Before penetrating anything with an ice cube, run water over it to prevent it from sticking to delicate membranes.

Bubble wrap can be used to make a great, and unusual, dildo, in virtually any width you want. Take a length of bubble wrap and roll it tightly, bubble-side out for additional texture, until it's as thick as you like. Place a condom over the roll of bubble wrap, and use a rubber band or tape to hold the end of the condom in place.

Dice and cards also add all kinds of potentially interesting variation to your sex life. I like using things like dice and cards, because they can create an element of surprise and tension. You can make your own cards from 3x5" index cards; or, better still, get a deck of blank playing cards from a hobby shop. A punishment box is a good way to keep a submissive in line. Make a set of cards, each of which has an erotic punishment written on it. If the submissive misbehaves, he or she has to draw a punishment at random from the box.

Or, if you prefer, make your submissive create the cards--preferably while aroused, as people who are aroused will think of devious things that people who aren't aroused won't. Of course, the contents of a punishment box will depend on the people involved. One man's idea of cruel and unusual punishment is another man's idea of a great weekend; tastes vary, and limits vary too.

Some basic punishments might include:. You can even make a game out of creating the punishment box! Tell the submissive to create a certain of punishments each day. The dominant will review each one to make sure it is actually a punishment, and reject any that are really rewards in clever disguise.

Of course, the submissive will need to be punished for each rejected card Meta-punishments can be fun, too. For example, one punishment card might be "Draw two more cards and accept both punishments," or "Flip a coin: he, you draw one card; tails, you draw two.

Make a list, without showing it to your partner, of questions that can be answered with "yes" or "no" or with multiple choice answers. Then ask your partner to answer each question, without telling your partner what the questions are. For example, you might write down a list of questions such as "Will you be tied down? Don't let your partner see the list. Ask your partner, "Choose yes or no," "Choose yes or no," "Choose 1, 2, or 3," and "Choose yes or no. If oyur partner complains, you can always say "Hey, this is what you chose!

You can also use black and red checkers, or whatever else you like. On a regular basis--say, every other night at ten o'clock--the submissive draws a marble at random, then returns it to the bag. If the submissive draws a black marble, choose a card from the punishment box; if the submissive draws a white marble, choose a card from the reward box. This is very effective if, any time the submissive does anything disobedient or naughty, you take a white marble out of the bag and replace it with a black marble increasing the odds of drawing a black marble , and any time the submissive does anything exceptionally worthy of praise, you remove a black marble from the bag and replace it with a white marble increasing the odds of drawing a white marble.

The submissive earns freedom by winning "points. Each activity has a certain of points associated with it, which varies depending on how difficult or unpleasant the activity is. The submissive is free to choose activities to earn points any time he or she likes, but is otherwise totally the dominant's slave until the submissive has earned points, whether that takes a couple of days or a couple of weeks or a couple of months.

As with rewards and punishments, the activities and their point value will vary from person to person. A few quick ideas to get you started:. The submissive must masturbate to orgasm for the dominant's entertainment. The first, second, third, and fourth orgasm earn, no points; each orgasm after that earns one point. If the submissive does not ordinarily shave his or her pubic hair, the submissive must shave his or her pubic hair completely for 5 points.

Knives can make fun and psychologically powerful sex toys. You do not actually have to cut your partner in order to do knife play. A semi-sharp or pointed knife edge drawn over skin, not hard enough to break the skin, is an intense and erotically charged sensation--especially if it is combined with a blindfold. Draw the knife very slowly over your partner's body for an emotionally intense effect. If the knife is kept in a freezer before you use it, it can actually feel much sharper than it is; a blindfolded submissive may believe that you are actually cutting with the knife, when in fact you are not.

The back, chest, thighs, and legs are excellent places for knife play. Bondage doesn't always involve ropes and chains. Ordinary saran wrap works very well for bondage; your partner stands with his or her arms at their sides while you wrap them from head to foot in a coccoon of saran wrap. This is a quick, easy bondage technique that's highly secure, and a nude person wrapped in see-through wrap is quite sexy.

Extreme s and m ideas

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