Exchange pics with strangers

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From the great exodus out of Facebook to fully realized Arrested Development jokes , the idea of anti-social networks has been slowly gaining public traction. People feel overconnected to mere acquaintances and besotted with updates from true friends.

Rando, a simple photo-sharing app, focuses instead on random strangers. No connections, no followers—just the exchange of photos for the sheer fun of it. Reading between the lines, Rando has the potential to be a photo version of Chatroullette , where users send gross groin shots to unsuspecting victims. This turns out to be an enormously fun aspect of the software. I quickly opened the intuitive camera element, which constricts your view to a circle, and snapped a shot through my open window.

A little prosaic, perhaps, but I ed it, eager to get another Rando from elsewhere on the globe for my efforts. Soon enough, I got a surprising result: a photo of what looked like some handmade dolls in festive, possibly Mexican apparel. The lack of any caption or explanatory text made the image a charming puzzle—though I was a bit disappointed that it came from New York, N. I had more luck the second time around with a photo of Monster, one of my dogs.

A push notification alerted me that she was delivered to someone in Moscow, Russia. That was pretty sweet, and I felt confident my Russian non-friend would find Monster as adorable as I do. Not long after, another image reached me, sent from a German town on the southern border of the country, as the GPS showed. The picture itself showed an older, presumably German woman on the phone in a room with religious decorations.

Again, the mystery had me wanting to up my game, so for the next move, I sent out a close-up detail of an Edward Hopper painting that hangs in my hall. Maybe whoever received it would be able to deduce the context. For my efforts I got a photo of a wristwatch on an hirsute arm, from just outside Mumbai, India.

Rando has the capacity to remind you of the oneness of the planet and all you share in common with other people—without ever having to meet them. Miles Klee is a novelist and web culture reporter. He's the author of two odd books of fiction, 'Ivyland' and 'True False.

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Exchange pics with strangers

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Take a photo, never see it, get a stranger’s photo in return. That’s Mistaken for Android