Domme slave

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When Mistress calls, Charles, 61, cleans her dungeon. Mistress makes the rules, and Mistress sets the agenda. Charles has helped her move furniture. Mistress Georgia Payne has been a dominatrix for 20 years, and during most of that time, Charles has been a part of her life. In the beginning, he was just like her other clients — a paying customer for submissive, masochistic and erotic services.

For some, like Charles, that makes the dynamic more intimate. Similarly, Georgia is the only Mistress Charles has ever served, and he takes pride in being the exception to the rule. What a blessing it is, he explains, to lie in a hospital bed and shake off your mortal coil surrounded by the defining figures in your existence — your family, your friends, your Mistress. With the relationship with her, I can tell her anything. To be clear, Mistress Georgia is unique compared to other dommes.

Over the phone, she reiterates that she seldom merges her private life with her dungeon, while admitting that other professionals in the industry are generally more lenient. The laborers are eager and free-of-charge, all they ask is that the work is dressed up in a loose veneer of feminine authority.

Especially when the bargain is so one-sided. Between his custodial duties, Charles still pays for traditional sessions with Georgia, but other house slaves accept their burden with no hope for any future dividends. Domme Simone Justice, this is the part of the deal. Kink-wise, Bondsman contains multitudes. Sometimes he prefers the coldness that comes with that lack of familiarity — if you truly want to feel like a personal slave, find someone who values you for your labor and nothing else.

Mistress Georgia diagnoses it artfully when she references a slave who serves as a groundskeeper for a dungeon called the Chi Temple that she rents with another domme. For those who commit to a single Mistress for a long period of time, the thrills of servitude are more wholesome and rooted in messy, organic feelings.

When they go out to dinner they talk about sex, family and the weather. Still, Mistress Georgia stops herself before she calls Charles a friend. That said, she still participates in the communion offered between people who have known each other for a long time. This is the golden rule: No matter how close a Mistress and a slave might get to the edges, the central fantasy remains. For some, that can be too much to bear. Bondsman says he spent two wonderful years with a Domme he fell in love with.

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Domme slave

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