Do women like being fisted

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Read at your own discretion. Once inside, the hand can be clenched in a fist or the fingers can remain straight. When my partner first mentioned wanting to fist me, I was terrified. The thought of an entire hand being in me was a bit daunting. I was confused about how that could even be physically possible. My partner started out slow, fingering me with the normal two fingers. When I relaxed he would stick another finger in slowly, giving my body time to adjust, and adding more lubricant to his hand to make it easier to slide in. Once the fourth finger was sliding in, the pain started.

My vagina had never been quite this stretched before. He stopped and let me body adjust once again. Fisting can be potentially dangerous. It can cause laceration and even fatal embolism, which is when air enters the vagina and blocks veins or arteries.

Although both of these situations are fairly rare, I suggest trying fisting with a partner who has had experience. Silicone-based lubricants are also good to use because they are thicker than water-based lubricants. The thickness of the lubricant makes the insertion of the hand easier and less painful. I also suggest using latex gloves to protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections and to give the hand more of a slippery glide into the vagina or anus. But for me, the benefits of fisting outweigh the cons. Being fisted gives me the most intense orgasms, and in my opinion, makes sex better.

For some men and women who like to fist their partners, its a very visual sexual act. It can be very erotic. Communication is the key to great sex. Once I had the fourth finger inside me, I realized we were over halfway to getting the entire hand inside me. I told him I was ready for the fifth finger. Once it was in, the only thing left was to get the hand inside of me. As he slid it inside me, the pain and pleasure both intensified—I had never felt this amount of intense pleasure and I could feel my body responding to it.

When his hand finally made it all the way inside me, I began to have a convulsion-like reaction. My body was at its sexual limits, making me realize I wanted more and more of this. I began to orgasm in a more intense way than I ever had before—I ended up squirting all over the bed and my partner. After, we both crashed on the bed, satisfied and excited about what we had just done.

Fisting has now become a part of our sexual activities, usually about once or twice a month. Each time, my body has the strongest orgasms—much stronger than just having sex. You are disgrace to our university. I will do anything and everything possible to make sure you lose your job. This is why we need people like Rachel speaking as she does. Closed mindedness and hateful speech have no place in a modern society especially in a university. That is the very time to open our eyes and explore the world.

Sinners judging other sinners for sinning differently! No one should be shamed for their sharing there most inner desires. Hater, you should try it, the release is awesome. A campus newspaper, whether acknowledged or not, represents the entire student body and faculty. A high quality newspaper has ificant reporting on issues that affect the students, faculty, staff, and others in the university community.

The al has had strong years and weaker ones. In recent years, I have noticed an improvement in the quality of its reporting, with the last academic year its zenith in my 17 years on the faculty. However, the publication of the weekly sex column, while undoubtedly popular and attention-gathering, is a step in the wrong direction.

It is not news. It is not opinion. The reason is simple: there are serious issues about sex that should be reported, but how-to manuals are not. They debase community standards and offend a ificant portion of the student body. Freedom of speech does not mean an obligation to publish. I think that this is great and informative. It tells a safe way to try a new thing. I love that you talked about what can go wrong and how to help prevent the spread of diseases.

Just because some people are not as open minded as others should not prohibit others from being able to learn and be informed. I would rather someone say this to my daughter instead of sheltering her and not explaining that there are consequences. The al uses cookies to ensure we provide you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use our website, we'll assume you're happy with it.

Do women like being fisted

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