Crush crush sex game

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Nutaku's Crush Crush! Yet another absolutely amazing adult game that I'm going to talk about in this review. You are already used to play awesome games provided by me, don't you? Well, if you got bored of all the others, go ahead and read the following. Crush Crush - Moist and Uncensored has a good gameplay, walkthrough sections, an epic storyline and so many other goodies that are waiting for you.

But, what's going on ingame, brother? Let me tell you After some instructions, the game will give you some girls that you have to impress by getting jobs, earning promotions and boosting your stats. Take them on dates, show them why you are such a gigolo and give them gifts. You must be a fucking gentleman 'till the end of time.

There will be some levels that you need to bypass. These levels are called Frenemy, Crush and in the end, Lover. Once a Lover, you will get some nude time with your babes. You know what I'm trying to say, no? Kinky time, bro! Kinky time! Crush Crush seems to be an idle game, which means that the game is always running. Play now and come back later to see where you are! Remember that it is free to register, free to play and free to have fun. There are some ingame transactions that will be done with real money if you want to rule the game by getting different advantages , but these will be done only if you want.

They say that it will happen casual, so don't sweat yourself. I haven't said anything about the graphics, yet. What can I say? If it's on TPD, it means that the graphics are awesome as fucking flying fuck. Yeah, brother! It's fucking awesome. If you want, I can say "fuck" again and again, until your ears will fucking bleed. Let's get to the point now! You a gamer? You a porn fan? Mix these two and start the playing for an entire weekend. I bet that you will be addicted, afterwards. Click on the screenshot! Open Crush Crush. Crush Crush Amazing graphics Cool gameplay Walkthrough sections Hot sex scenes Nothing yet!

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Crush crush sex game

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