Cigarette smoking fetish

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When did you first realize that smoking turned you on? I credit a girl in my middle school French class with stoking my interest. She and one of her friends would sneak out behind the back door of our school and smoke cigarettes. When she came back to class, she would sit behind me and whisper in my ear while rubbing her nails up and down my neck.

Her breath always smelled like smoke. But that probably had something to do with her hotpants, high heels and hair, too. Are you a smoker yourself? Whenever I quit, I become much more obsessed with seeing women with their cigarettes and smelling their smoke. What do you like most about watching a woman smoke? Smoking is rebellious. I also love the uniqueness of smoking, from the brand of cigarettes to when she chooses to smoke them to her mannerisms while smoking.

Every aspect is subtly unique. She wants to smoke because she likes to do it. Smoking is a demonstration of her own authority and freedom to be who she wants to be. For instance, I love when a woman is dangling a cigarette from her mouth while fishing through her purse for a lighter. Which brand of cigarettes do you find sexiest? As a teenager, I was riveted by Virginia Slims and their ad campaigns, which were without a doubt the pinnacle of my fetish.

Beyond that, I have a preference for women who smoke all white cigarettes instead of the kind with a brown or cork filter. Similarly, I used to have a preference for women who smoked millimeter cigarettes rather than the short ones.

Why does the white filter matter? I can see lipstick stains better on a white filter. Do you enjoy seeing a certain color of lipstick? A dark red color is sexy, too. But it depends on the woman. Do you seek out porn that involves women smoking? Many companies produce smoking fetish porn, but I prefer natural smoking. A lot of smoking porn is too contrived and over-the-top for me. The people who make it produce it to their own fetish ideal.

They direct women to smoke in the exact way that gets them hot. When Maxim did their Hot list a couple of years ago, I researched it and found that eight of the top 10 women were smokers, which is amazing because, statistically, smokers make up less than 20 percent of the population. Jennifer Love Hewitt annoys me the most. For a while, she kept getting cast in movies like Heartbreakers and Confessions of A Sociopathic Social Climber where she was supposed to be a smoker, but she was so awkward with a cigarette.

Have you dated a lot of smokers? Is that when you break up with them? The taste of cigarettes in her mouth and smell of smoke in her hair can be a turn-on. That way I can see her whole body and the cigarette burning at the same time. What are your feelings about ash? I like a constant asher.

Not all. The same goes for cigars, pipes and marijuana. I like strong, smart and powerful women; I believe weed dulls some of that. I also find the smell of eCigs annoying, especially when a group of people are all smoking them. Most of them are big fans of the large volume exhales that you can get with the newer box-like eCig machines. Do you ever feel guilty for getting off on such an unhealthy behavior?

So I block out the parts that make me feel bad and keep the focus on the things I love about it. Tierney Finster is a journalist, screenwriter, actor and model from Los Angeles, California. She is a contributing writer at MEL, specializing in love, sex, mental health, drugs, queer culture and the cannabis industry. Andrew preferred women who smoked Virginia Slims until he was More Stories from MEL.

Cigarette smoking fetish

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