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Patreon SubscribeStar. User menu Password reset Register. Report an issue on this . The game was originally released for PC in The version of the game I will be reviewing is the Cho Dengeki Stryker version of the game. This version was released in and adds 3 additional "sagas" to the original game. This game was translated by MangaGamer in Minimal spoilers in this review, but I will avoid anything that reveals crucial plot elements or twist within this game. I will provide a general outline of the game while also providing my thoughts on it as a visual novel production value, story, characters, etc.

Always making attempts to emulate the brave acts of the heroes he would read about in the Dengeki Stryker manga. His love for heroism would eventually lead for him to make a deal with an entity known as the Memory Collector: Ho, ho, ho. The strongest of feelings and richest desires; those are what set me running. Do you have a wish my boy? I can grant any wish, in exchange for a memory. Seeing this as a chance for him to become a true hero. Yamato decides to throw away his memories in exchange for becoming a true Dengeki Stryker.

He then goes back into his life with no true memory of who he was as . Several years pass and the enemy of the Dengeki Stryker make their first appearance: The Balbora Empire. Will Yamato be able to save the city from this evil threat and recover the memories he has lost? Because of this the story has a very comedic approach, poking fun at the absurdity of its own premise.

With the Balbora Empire barely being able to scrape by enough funds to support their run-down apartment. This run-down apartment that Yamato also lives in and where the Balbora Empire make most of their devious plans. The story in general has a boatload of charm.

Which in my opinion works for a large majority of it. In some ways it kind of reminds me of the tone a series like Gurren Lagann would have. Carving itself a very cool niche within the Overdrive catalog and the general visual novel medium. The common route of Dengeki Stryker like the story has a lot of genuine charm going for it. Having a lot of presence on-screen and generally being a very likable ragtag group with the chemistry of a family. The common route is mostly composed of Yamato getting used to his school life while also tackling his superhero duties.

With Yamato likely fighting a member of the Balbora Empire by the end of the chapter. Because of this the common route has the feeling of an anime with how segmented it is. Yamato fighting a villain of the week until the story progresses into its final portions. Because of this I can see the common route being very repetitive for some readers. Though I found it to be consistently fun with how varied the personalities of the villains are.

The absurdity also escalating as you read farther along helped in establishing the direction the routes go into once the game actually proceeds into the meat of the story. Hero VS. Villain Characters Dengeki Stryker has an extremely likable cast. Though this statement comes with a caveat. The characters in Dengeki Stryker lack when it comes to actual substance behind them with the only exception being Mirror. Which the game does poke fun at particularly the villains. Though at the same time because of this, most of the characters are limited to simply being good rather than amazing.

With very over the top personalities that show much more flash than actual substance. But it does feel disappointing when the story does tackle serious topics with surface-level understanding of them. Rather I like what he represents more than what he actually was for the majority of the story. The Balbora Empire is absolutely hilarious and they bounce off eachother very well as I stated ly. The heroines are very likable characters, though I do feel that the romance elements of Dengeki Stryker really stop them from reaching their full potential.

Ninja Jack in specific is an extremely entertaining best friend character with a lot of personality to boot. A slight disappointment, though I do feel that the cast was utilized very well for the most part. Mirror is easily the best character within Dengeki Stryker due to the direction the story goes into with him.

He lacks charisma and is overexposed for the majority of the game. The production value of Dengeki Stryker is absolutely insane compared to the Overdrive efforts. Though his art still has a rough quality to it like his works , it radiates so much charm and fits the tone of the story to perfection.

This was an extremely good effort by Overdrive to make the game feel like a huge deal. A lot of the songs lack the impact that other works such as Deardrops or Kira Kira showcased when it came to their music. I would say that the soundtrack is very good though overall since it does fit the tone of the story. Sporting about 43 different individual tracks including vocals. The best tracks are easily the vocal tracks, especially the efforts put forth by Endou Masaaki and AiRI. The voice work in this visual novel is also really good. My personal favorite performances being Jack, Mirror, and Hilko.

Zero Saga As an introductory route. Zero Saga is oftentimes great. This route is filled to the brim with some awesome moments. Catching me off guard and keeping me at the edge of my seat. The dark tone of the route also gives the story a much more somber vibe to it. Really differentiating it from the majority of the routes in this game, though still fitting the brand of the game. I feel that the relationship she has with Yamato is mediocre at best and because of the focus being put into the story, she gets sidelined for a good majority of it.

This helps minimize how much I actually dislike her role in the story, though at the same time it does make me feel that Dengeki Stryker is satisfying a checklist moreso than trying to develop the heroine. The biggest praise I have for this route is how the villains are utilized. All of them feel like they impact the progression of this story without sacrificing their likability. Besides Mirror, Roches was also a highlight of this route.

Though I really respect the way it handles the confrontation between Yamato and Mirror. Showing enough of both characters to have a strong impact on the player emotionally , though at the same time keeping a lot of it under wraps for future reveals. Which in my opinion is the perfect way to introduce the reader to the story.

So I would say that Zero Saga was overall a very good route, it just requires patience from the reader. Trust needs to be created that it will go somewhere between the reader and the author. Which is a tough order to fill, though I do feel that this saga accomplishes that task. Heaven Saga This route has some very interesting concepts housed within it, though I do feel the execution is more spotty than the Zero Saga. Yeah they technically move the plot forward, but are introduced way too late into the story and feel like inclusions I could have done without.

Curtis simply exists as an even badder villain to Mirror which is fine, but he just has zero substance to him. It works in this case since the story becomes really dumb fun towards the climax Chapter I feel that the lack of substance behind this story combined with the different direction it goes kind of cripples the full potential of the route.

But I actually really enjoyed it around the last third since it took the absurdity and multiplied it by So my impressions of the route remain positive despite the weaker direction it goes into. The big highlight of this route is Yamato and Mirror ing forces to beat Mirror, which in my opinion is one of the best parts of the game.

Especially with how the Balbora Empire work off eachother to increased the hype levels beyond the stories limitations. They really made this route for me. So yes this is a good route. Just lacks the balance of something like Zero Saga. Sky Saga In my opinion this is the best route the game has by miles.

I would go as far as to call it amazing due how it manages to be as impactful as it is while being a really short route. Combine this with the context of Zero and Heaven Saga, the route is really a product of the ones that came before it. I really like how the game used both these routes to elevate this one. Allowing for it to be all killer and no filler. Mirror is a really interesting protagonist due to his circumstance and seeing the world from his perspective really puts a different light to everything the story has shown thus far.

The conflict of this route is also really interesting and once you reach the end, it feels absolutely worth the price of admission. I would not even be mad if this was the true route of the game. And technically it was before Cho Dengeki Stryker decided to add 3 more routes to the original game. So because of this, the player can get a lot of whiplash playing the new routes, since they feel like filler until you play Light Saga compared to this one. I kind of wish this route was placed somewhere else within the new structure of Cho.

Just try to play the rest of the game with an open mind, since they do offer a really strong conclusion. Since again, this is a fantastic conclusion to the original 3 routes. Love Saga This is actually my 2nd favorite route in the game and is easily the best romance of the entire visual novel.

The thing is you get Hilko as a package deal with the rest of the Balbora Empire. So even if you dislike her archetype, you still get the rest of the Balbora Empire making their presence known. The route really shows why the simplicity of Dengeki Stryker is so solid and integral to its charm. The theme of this route is whether or not people from completely different backgrounds can truly coexist and find mutual love in each other.

Which the route handles extremely well with the villain versus hero mentality causing rifts between both partners. Culminating in a confrontation between the two. His relationship with Hilko feels like it has an actual impact on who he is and he finds someone he can actually trust his feelings with. Something I was not expecting out of this route. Hilko herself is a very good heroine in the sense that she has a strong personality and visible character development throughout this route.

Finding some really great ways to make their pairing logical within this story, I especially like the scene where they discuss their family circumstances. Stuff like that really makes me feel a lot of effort was put into writing a strong romance between the two. The route even ends extremely strong with a very somber yet fitting conclusion to their relationship.

Cho dengeki stryker routes

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