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Bondage Dating claims to be the one bondage dating community on the net but can you find kinksters to share your love of being tied up there? Let's find out. From the colours chosen red, black and grey to the magazine layout, Bondagedating. When you first arrive on the site, you see lots of adverts craftily hidden as aspects of the site.

Profiles, messages etc. Be careful where you click! If you have a free Bondagedating. You will get pop-ups every time you click on a feature you can't use as a free member - this can get irritating. up to Bondagedating. You can only up as male, female or a couple. It's a quick and easy process, and once you've done it, you're prompted to a photo and fill in your profile.

There are lots of questions to fill in, but there are no kink specific questions at all. They're all generic dating site questions. From here on in, your experience of Bondagedating. When I ed up as myself, I was given a premium for free so I could view profiles, send messages, access chat and even live chat with customer services.

Being the curious type, I ed up again but as a man. This time I got a free where the only ability is to see snippets of profiles and who is chatting but contacting anyone you need to pay to upgrade. So, if you're a man, the is easy but frustrating as you can't actually communicate effectively with anyone and are constantly bombarded with pop-ups and for upgrading to a premium .

As a woman, you can navigate everything smoothly and use all the features that a premium at Bondagedating. There really isn't a kinky community feel at Bondagedating. So if that's what you're looking for, then it's great. There are far more male than female users. When I performed a search, there were over male Doms in my mile radius compared to female subs and 38 female Dommes.

I suspect this is why when I ed up, I got given a premium membership for free. Are all the profiles genuine? Well, I have my doubts. For one thing, pictures don't always match up with ages. For example, I saw one which was clearly a guy in his 60's professing to be 29 and one of a guy clearly no older than 30 saying their age was That really doesn't make sense, so maybe they're made up profiles?

You will have to judge for yourself. Welcome to bondagedating. Bot or not? I tried to find out why I was given a free premium membership to Bondagedating. So I didn't give them never give personal details out online when you don't need to , but eventually, I was informed I'd been picked at random to receive a premium upgrade. I am sceptical, to say the least, especially as I wasn't convinced I was chatting to a real person anyway, the answers seemed to be coming from a Bot.

So, officially I can't say that all women that up to Bondagedating. I can only say that I did and when I ed up as a man that didn't happen. Make of that what you will. Free membership doesn't give you much opportunity to contact other members. All you get are 30 free flirt messages. These are pre-written statements such as 'Hey, I like your profile. Clearly, this is to make you think about upgrading to a premium for these features:. Prices vary. There are various offers, anytime you try to send a message, you get s offering new ones, so there's no set price.

There's no set price list. The Bondage Dating help is a tiny link at the very bottom of the when you go through there is a comprehensive list of questions about using the site, buying membership etc. It is pretty useful. I have no idea where the claim that Bondagedating. I saw very few people into bondage, had very little interaction with other members, and what I did have was with guys when I was logged in as a woman. I had no messages from members when logged in as a man. I'm unconvinced. There's no sense of community, and I had doubts about the genuine nature of all profiles. Personally, I'm not attached to Bondagedating.

This article was originally published on 9th June and was updated on 18th March Have you tried Bondagedating. Do you agree with our review? Tell us in the comments below. Spanks for reading! Cover image released from Shutterstock. In serving our. Do you Kinkoo? If you don't, should you? Kinky dating apps are all the rage but can you find someone who shares your interests on Kinkoo?

In serving. Kinky dating apps are all the rage at the moment, but how easy is it to find kinksters to connect with on the KinkD app? In the spirit of serving our. Or are you just going to feel tied up and unable. You can post now and register later. If you have an , please to post with your .

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