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I better watch where I stand, I don't know what this guy's doing. Here I am hugging and laying on my doll again. My top is sheer chiffon, with silver decorations. The bed is covered in black lace. He's such a good boy. Well maybe he is a girl, after all, how do I know?

I just call him He's still a kitten. Sitting down, long leg shot. Same French camisole. Patent open toes, stockings, Not nude but sheer pantyhose. Pussy cat bows on heels. This is in San Diego, I wore long dresses to church. My mom saw this and said " you're not going to wear that to church are you? Yes, The thing in my hand is a stole. As I was walking down the hall, I passed the pastors wife and she burst out I adore.

This dress, is halter neck and no bra, and no back and the material is dotted swiss It is sheer and it floats, all feminine, nothing masculine here. I have had many albums on Flkr, this was a favorite of many. I dont have this dress anymore, and I'm sorry I dont. But I learned to sew and I made one like it but knee length so I could wear it day time.

Someone noticed I love this picture and now, my new friends on here can see some of the old photos of me. Got to my house and took photographs. I wore this slip, And all my friends loved it. This is bride lingerie slip, petty. Nude color pantyhose Beaded feet Extreme long toe style. Barefoot and fun I get this way after I shoot, see prior pics where I have this beautiful skirt, paired with a white blouse This is a bra inside a cami, lingerie that is wonderful. I don't wear it alone but under a low cut or a vee cut top. Where my cleavage and breasts show There is a solid slip attached to the under layer Late afternoon by the river, Chippenham, in Wiltshire This is the Avon, a cleanish river, with ducks and fish in the river!

This photo was taken about 30 mins into my first trip into the public domain, late afternoon, just off the High Street I had not done it before! I deliberately wore clothing that was unremarkable, to try to be inificant I placed my camera on a gatepost end, and stepped backwards, posed as best I could, and I knew I was going to go, after seeing so many girls who DO go out I also visited 2 shops, and talked to assistants, without difficulty, and after this town walk I was also approached by a charity seller A wonderful "first" repeated often, afterwards I am wearing a new lipstick, its a puffy type.

It swells up your lips, It kinda hurts. But it's better than plastic surgery. You can see it plainly here. My lips just about enter the room before I do They do come in first. I took off my skirt to show you the petticoat I made most of them. Hi, sweetie, I like to stand in front of my poster. This freaks people out, they do a double take. The silk, the color, the fit of this dress is so sexy. The style is cheongsam. A popular style in Orient. Men just stare at me. But of course I have to have fun, and get over my shyness, but it's all play.

Then, they would put me in other places. Once I was in murder mystery, with two big bad men in black gangster outfits and hats. It was fun. Poor little me. I was always taught to keep my legs crossed like a Lady, But it seems bad girls have more Fun!! I still get excited about this shoot. I just can't seem to decide which photo to next. The girls drove me to Sears to get some makeup and a new dress. While I was trying on a dress, they left me in the changing room.

I had no choice but to catch a taxi home. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags beautiful crossdresser. Related groups — beautiful crossdresser View all Beautiful Teen Crossdressers. Beautiful Girls and Crossdressers. Crossdressers Anonymous. View all All Photos Tagged beautiful crossdresser. I haven't done my homework by Jess. Trisha Leigh st. John by Trisha Leigh St. Trisha Leigh by Trisha Leigh St. Portrait of me and my baby cat! Close-up by LadeeAlana. Same gown, only close-up. Black cat. I'm giving you the feline eye Can you feel it? I have things on my mind.

Bad, nasty things to do to you. Maybe I can take a man, and travel to the city and rent a hotel Oh well, a girl can dream can't she? I'm baaaaack. Another picture of my favorite skirt, April Bringing sexy back by Mia Anne CD.

Feels great to slip on a beautiful dress along with sexy tights and heels. My new pink dress by LadeeAlana. Me, red silk sandals, nude legs, lace slip. If i have a fetish, it could only be shoes. I have hundreds, but I don't need them to have sex. The bottom of my famous vintage undies.

Nails in two reds. My arch, profile. So close, you can see my freckles. Cloud of white fluffy fur and dark green velvet drapes. No, I am not a crossdresser or cd. Read my profile. Kiss my boy and girls xxx reposted for new fans got my legs from my mother www. Me and Me This top is lingerie, I didn't wear it under the white lace blouse.

But same beautiful skirt. CD'S www. Sexy is fun by Mia Anne CD. Dressing sexy is exciting.

Best looking crossdresser

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