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David Brainerd DVD
Filmed at historical locations throughout the northeastern U.S., David Brainerd: Missionary to the
American Indians tells the story of the visionary eighteenth-century missionary whose efforts led
to spiritual revival amongst native tribes and inspired generations of Christian leaders to follow in
his footsteps. Among the most notable figures influenced by Brainerd was Jonathan Edwards, a
key Great Awakening leader who subsequently published Brainerd’s diaries. The documentary
features stunning photography and evocative reenactment scenes as well as insightful commentary
by experts.

The Frank Jenner Question
Meet Frank Jenner, a simple man with a profound question. Frank heard God call him to approach
10 people per day on the streets of Sydney Australia and politely ask one simple question: “If you
died within 24 hours where would your soul be in eternity, Heaven or Hell?”
It was during WWII when this question was put to servicemen and women.
The possibility of imminent death would not have seemed a remote one to the many soldiers and
sailors who passed through Sydney harbour on their way to and from battle assignments and it
was to members of the military that Frank was most drawn. This documentary examines how
Jenner’s straightforward and bold outreach led to the conversion of many and influenced evangelism
methods for decades to come. What emerges is a portrait of a sincere and earnest man with a pure
desire to reach those around him with the message that had changed his life. The lesson of the film is
not necessarily to copy Jenner’s approach but to listen and obey God’s call to proclaim the gospel in
the context in which we live.